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[SMM Analysis] it is still possible for Guoxuan Hi-Tech to continue to cooperate with Volkswagen in response to "being bought".
Apr 23,2020 14:52CST
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SMM4, April 23 (Xinhua) on the evening of April 22, in response to the news that "Volkswagen Group 5.2 billion took a stake in Guoxuan Hi-Tech, which will be held in the future," Guoxuan Hi-Tech issued a notice saying that it is still discussing with Volkswagen on the possible strategic cooperation in technology, products, capital, and other aspects in the future, and has not yet reached an agreement on the specific ways, contents, prices, and other specific aspects of the cooperation. No substantive binding agreement commitment or other arrangement has been signed or reached on the relevant cooperation matters.

It has been rumored that Volkswagen Group's acquisition of a stake in Chinese electric car battery maker Guoxuan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has made new progress in recent days: according to people close to the incident, Volkswagen Group has been approved by the board of directors on the acquisition of Guoxuan Hi-Tech stake, and will become Guoxuan Hi-Tech's largest shareholder through a private placement and equity transfer. According to the latest developments, Volkswagen's acquisition of a stake in Guoxuan has risen to 30 per cent and is worth $740 million, making Volkswagen the largest shareholder in Guoxuan. The fermentation of this incident also began here.

In fact, the rumor about Guoxuan Hi-Tech is not the first time. As early as last year, it was rumored many times that Volkswagen would acquire Guoxuan Hi-Tech shares. Earlier rumors were that Volkswagen would acquire 20% of Guoxuan Hi-Tech. Guoxuan Tech has previously said that they are negotiating with a well-known international carmaker, and when and how to cooperate remains to be further communicated and observed.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been focusing on lithium iron phosphate batteries in the battery field. Recently, Guoxuan Hi-Tech also responded in the investment platform that in the lithium iron phosphate battery technology, the company's mass production of lithium iron phosphate battery monomer energy density has exceeded 190 Whkeg, and the company lithium iron phosphate system can continue to improve the energy density, the monomer energy density will reach 200 Whkg, to achieve the energy density of the 160Wh/kg system. In addition, the company has a layout in battery group technology and process improvement.

Volkswagen plans to deliver 400000 new energy vehicles in China by 2020 and raise its sales target to 1.5 million by 2025.

It was a pleasure for both companies to enter the Volkswagen group's global supply chain earlier in the Ningde era. However, for the public, choosing only one battery factory as the supplier is not conducive to the production and operation of the enterprise, and the selection of multiple suppliers is beneficial to the supply safety and cost of the enterprise. The selection of multiple suppliers can effectively promote suppliers to provide more advanced and efficient products.

In the Ningde era, the installed capacity of power batteries in 2019 was 31.71 GWH, accounting for 51.01% of the total installed capacity in 2019. The installed capacity of Guoxuan high technology is 3.31 GWh. Guoxuan Hi-Tech is a Chinese power battery manufacturer, the domestic market share is second only to Ningde era and BYD. In addition, Guoxuan Hi-Tech focuses on R & D and production of lithium iron phosphate batteries. SMM expects that in the next three years, each model will mainly focus on the choice between cost-effective lithium iron phosphate batteries and high energy density nickel ternary batteries. Guoxuan Hi-Tech, as a leading domestic lithium iron phosphate battery enterprise, has obvious advantages in the layout of models in the low-cost market.

At present, Guoxuan Hi-Tech issued a clarification notice, Guoxuan Hi-Tech did not carry out a specific positive and negative answer, combined with the previous remarks, coupled with the promotion of the market, the cooperation between Volkswagen and high-quality battery suppliers is still possible.

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