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(audit) [Enterprise Special topic] Greenmei Deep Cooperation High Nickel cathode material manufacturer increases Code to consolidate the leading position of Ternary Materials
Apr 23,2020 17:56CST
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SMM4, 23 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-recently, Greenmei announced that in order to further promote the cooperation between Greenmei Co., Ltd. and Korea ECOPRO Co., Ltd. in the business of NCA&NCM high nickel precursor materials for new energy power batteries, Fuan Qingmei Energy Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, and ECOPRO recently signed an investment memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the cooperation of NCA&NCM high nickel precursor materials for new energy power batteries. The joint venture company focuses on the production of high nickel precursors NCA and NCM, with a production target of 24000 tons in 2022 and 48000 tons in 2024.

It is reported that ECOPRO is the world's core manufacturer of high-nickel cathode materials, Samsung SDI NCA cathode materials external core supplier, the main products are NCA and NCM power battery materials. Greenmei said that this cooperation will combine the advantages of all parties, jointly build the whole industry chain of the global core competitiveness of "nickel cobalt raw materials-NCA&NCM high nickel precursors-NCA&NCM high nickel ternary materials", enhance the global market share of high nickel ternary materials, and effectively promote the technological progress, scale expansion and market internationalization of the company's high nickel NCA and NCM ternary precursor materials. Further establish the company's core position in the global market of high-nickel ternary precursor materials, and comprehensively promote the company to build a "Chinese ternary core" of high-nickel cathode materials for automotive power batteries.

At the same time, the investment memorandum of understanding signed with ECOPRO highlights the company's technical status and quality brand status in high-nickel precursor materials, and plays an important role in enhancing the company's full participation in the international mainstream market competition, further expanding the international high-end power battery market, and is conducive to enhancing the profitability and global core competitiveness of the company's power battery materials business.

According to SMM, China's ternary material production in March 2020 was 12500 tons, up 86.9% from the previous month, down 36.8% from the same period last year. In March, the Sanyuan material plant resumed normal construction, logistics transportation was unhindered, and the purchase volume of the precursor increased obviously. From the perspective of product types, the power market has more demand for customized products, the proportion of high-nickel batteries in terminal car enterprises has increased, and the proportion of ternary high-nickel products has increased in March.

The Greenmei hand in hand ECOPRO is also intended to make a breakthrough in the materials of high nickel precursors, and can also be regarded as a further deepening of the cooperative relationship. According to the study of Oriental Securities, the joint venture precursor production line of Fuan Circular Industrial Park is conducive to giving full play to their respective advantages: Fu'an is in a superior geographical position, which is transported by road compared with Jingmen Province; In addition, the source of raw materials is more convenient, Indonesia clay nickel wet project products can be directly processed in Fu'an Industrial Park, the cost advantage is prominent, is expected to bring greater excess benefits for both sides.

At present, Greenmei customers have covered overseas mainstream positive electrode factories and battery factories, the world's five major lithium power industry chain, has entered four. The company recently signed a 7-year memorandum of supply of 100000 tons of high nickel 8 / 9 series precursors with ECOPRO BM, a Korean materials factory, which has a joint venture with Samsung SDI to set up a high nickel cathode material plant with an annual capacity of 50, 000 tons. at the same time, the company indirectly benefits by supplying ternary cathode materials to SKI. The company has accumulated more than 400000 tons of orders in hand, of which the total number of customer orders reached 76000 tons in 2020, ensuring the high growth of the company's precursor shipments.

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