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Guangxi: support for Foreign Investment in Automobile Industry / support for wholly Foreign-owned Manufacturing of New Energy vehicles * Changhong Holdings invested nearly 2 billion yuan in lithium battery project in Mianyang
Apr 20,2020 09:46CST
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[Guangxi: supporting Foreign Investment in Automobile Industry / supporting wholly Foreign-owned Manufacturing of New Energy vehicles] recently, Guangxi issued the "opinions of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region people's Government on further making good use of Foreign Capital." the main purpose is to ensure the national treatment of foreign-invested enterprises, create an open, transparent and predictable environment for foreign investment, stimulate market vitality, boost investment confidence, stabilize the scale of foreign investment, and optimize the structure of foreign investment. Among them, the automobile sector is worthy of attention. Guangxi said that it supports foreign investment in new open areas and the establishment of wholly foreign-owned or foreign-owned holding enterprises in new open areas such as new energy vehicle manufacturing.

New energy and new projects! Changhong holding invested nearly 2 billion yuan in lithium battery project in Mianyang] Changhong holding another major investment project landed! April 18, Changhong New Energy Mianyang Lithium Power Project and Mianyang High-tech Zone Investment Project centralized launch ceremony held in Changhong Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park. 11 projects in Mianyang High-tech Zone have been concentrated, with a total investment of 5.053 billion yuan. Among them, the Changhong new energy Mianyang lithium battery project with an investment of nearly 2 billion yuan is the most eye-catching. The project will focus on R & D and production of lithium-ion battery products widely used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, low-speed vehicles, balance cars and other fields, and focus on building high-quality lithium battery research and development and intelligent manufacturing base. It is another major investment in lithium battery by Changhong Holdings after the acquisition of Jiangsu Sanjie New Energy Co., Ltd., a power lithium battery enterprise, at the end of 2017.

[within five kilometers] the national network plans to build 105 stations in Sichuan] new energy vehicles are developing rapidly, and charging infrastructure is also developing at the same time. Under the tuyere of the "new infrastructure", all parts of the country speed up the construction of charging stations and piles. A few days ago, the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company announced that it would invest more than 8000 million yuan in Sichuan in 2020 to speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities, with the proposed construction of 105 electric vehicle charging stations and about 2000 charging piles.

[3000 new charging piles can be equipped with one charging pile for every 1.07 vehicles in Shanghai] it is reported that Shanghai has started the construction of the second phase of the Cao Lu bus parking lot charging station project. According to the plan, 162 new charging terminals will be added to the project, which can serve 162 pure electric buses at the same time. If you take into account the 204 charging parking spaces that have been put into use in the first phase of the charging station, the parking lot can serve 366 pure electric buses at the same time, meeting all the needs of the green bus in the Cao Road parking lot. At present, the parking lot charges 28200 degrees per day, more than 10 million degrees throughout the year.

[NEDC extended 580km 2020 Weilai ES8] on April 19, the 2020 Weilai ES8 (officially known as the new Weilai ES8) was officially delivered to its first user. Compared with the previous model, the new car has been adjusted for motors and battery packs, and the NEDC mileage data has been significantly improved. The 2020 Weilai ES8 also comes with a new NOMI Mate 2.0 artificial intelligence system and will release and push the latest NIO OS 2.6.0 system. Weilai founder, chairman and CEO also revealed in an interview that the cost of upgrading from 84kWh to 100kWh was 10800 yuan. Users who subscribe to a large order before April 30 (including) will also receive an additional 888 App points.

[Tesla releases new Powerwall features to balance car and home power in the event of a power outage] Tesla has reportedly released a Powerwall (Tesla focuses on household batteries that store electricity generated by solar panels and can also be recharged during off-peak periods before powering users at home), allowing Tesla owners to use home battery packs to efficiently charge their cars in the event of a power outage. Powerwall users with backup gateways have long been able to charge electric vehicles in the event of a power outage, but such use is part of the normal household load.

[at least 20 plug-in models Mercedes-Benz announced the latest electric model plans] recently, Mercedes-Benz announced plans for new energy models in the future. Mercedes-Benz plans to launch at least 20 hybrid EQ Power models by the end of 2020, including a full range of models from A to S, from GLA to GLE. According to Mercedes-Benz officials, they named their plug-in hybrid technology "the key bridging technology" because, according to the survey, about 90 per cent of trips are less than 50km (31 miles). The correct plug-in hybrid solution may actually eliminate the use of internal combustion engines or keep it to a minimum.

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