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[SMM Weekly selected] supply and demand in overseas Zinc Market is weak domestic supply is tight next week
Apr 18,2020 09:07CST
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"SMM Zinc Industry chain Weekly report", the weekly report SMM will select one of the hot topics, prices, market or major changes in the industry chain information published for your reference.

The following are excerpts from the weekly report on the zinc industry chain:

Zinc market forecast next week: on the Shanghai zinc point of view, this week with the gradual recovery of infrastructure and real estate terminals, zinc downstream consumer enterprises part of the plate orders gradually improved, but also some plates are seriously dragged down by the dismal external demand, the prosperity has been declining one after another. Overall, in terms of Shanghai zinc fundamentals, the supply side next week is slightly tighter than this week, Mengzi smelter began maintenance, superimposed Chifeng Zhongcolor and Xing'an copper and zinc are expected to be overhauled at the end of the month or the second half of the month, and the circulation of goods in the market is expected to decline slightly from next week. On the consumer side, at present, the orders of galvanized structural parts enterprises driven by infrastructure and real estate are better, while the consumption of die-casting zinc alloy enterprises and zinc oxide enterprises, which are dragged down by the sharp decline in foreign trade orders, is not expected to improve next week. Overall, the supply side contribution reduction, superimposed downstream enterprises galvanized driven zinc consumption is relatively large, so it is expected to go to the warehouse next week or continue. Overall, it is expected that Lun Zinc may run at US $1900-1960 / ton next week; Shanghai Zinc main force 2006 contract is expected to run at 15800-16500 yuan / ton, and the spot is expected to rise to 80-120 yuan / ton in May.

Processing fees: after entering this week, in addition to the monthly processing fees signed by smelters and mines, the transaction prices of bulk orders in the trade market have been further depressed, with mainstream transactions of domestic zinc mines at 5400 yuan / ton and imports at US $200 / dry tonne. Import transactions between traders can be reduced to US $170 / dry ton. This week, as prices continue to rise, some mines in Inner Mongolia and Sichuan began to ship, mine finished product stocks began to decline; on the import side, although Lianyungang zinc mine inventory this week is 220000 tons in kind, according to SMM, this part of the supply has basically belonged to smelters and traders, and traders are unlikely to ship goods with high TC prices because of their weakness in the future TC. Overall, short-term zinc processing fees still have room to fall, but the rate of decline will slow down.

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Cover story

Main points of this issue's weekly report: processing fee import profit and loss inventory

Hot spot in Zinc Industry: "New Infrastructure" re-frying "UHV" galvanized Iron Tower to help Zinc consumption Geometry

Zinc concentrate market: zinc ore processing fees continue to lower zinc ore supply to maintain a tight pattern

Refinery dynamics

Import zinc market: acceleration of internal and external prices to lift the market to the new part of the import of zinc

Zinc market forecast next week: supply and demand in overseas markets is weak domestic supply will be tight next week

Review of Zinc Market: the rebound of Zinc Price in the two cities continues to be relatively strong in China

Zinc downstream market

Galvanizing: infrastructure brings restorative consumer engineering orders to improve

Die casting Zinc Alloy: difficult shipment of Die casting Zinc Alloy so that Price sales are still difficult to boost demand

Zinc oxide: zinc oxide is stable and the purchase is mainly based on immediate need.

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