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Copper stocks in Shanghai bonded Depot fell by 11300 tons this week
Apr 17,2020 16:02CST
[copper stocks in Shanghai bonded warehouses fell 11300 tons this week] according to SMM research, copper stocks in the Shanghai bonded area on Friday (April 17) were 11300 tons lower than last week (April 10) to 316000 tons.
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SMM4, March 17: according to SMM research, this Friday (April 17) Shanghai bonded area copper inventory month-on-month compared with last week (April 10) down 11300 tons to 316000 tons, inventory decline for four consecutive weeks. Import price comparison is good this week, domestic trade spot rising water highlights the advantage of import copper prices, overseas bill of lading demand increased in recent months, warehouse receipt demand maintained, Yangshan copper premium continued to rise during the week, market declaration imports increased, bonded area inventory continued to decline.

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"[SMM data] this week, stocks in SMM's mainstream copper market totaled 400400 tons this week, falling four times in a row.

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