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Evaluation of spot Exchange Day of Electrolytic Manganese on April 16, 2020
Apr 16,2020 12:03CST
[the center of gravity of the electrolytic manganese market is stable in the middle of March]
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[mid-month electrolytic manganese market transaction center of gravity is stable] on April 16, the average ex-factory price of spot tax in the mainstream area of the manganese triangle was centrally quoted at about 10450 yuan / ton, which was temporarily stable compared with yesterday's average price. Guangxi today's spot quotation revolves around 10400-10500 yuan / ton, which is more stable than yesterday's average price. Today, there are manufacturers in the manganese triangle area spot resources quotation appeared in 10600 yuan / ton, the market retail spot mainstream quotation basically maintained at 10500 yuan / ton, while the actual transaction fell at 10400 yuan / ton, the overall spot ex-factory price increased slightly compared with the beginning of the week, the market price manufacturers increased significantly, the supply of spot resources on the spot is still OK, but the mentality of downstream purchasers is more wait-and-see, and the bidding prices of individual steel mills have dropped slightly compared with the previous month. As a result, some operators said that in the short term, there is little room for manganese prices to rise, and the operation is mainly stable for the time being. The price of electrolytic manganese in the main producing area of SMM is 10400-10500 yuan / ton, and the average price is more stable than yesterday.


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