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[stock market midday review] the two stock indexes rose and fell, the Prev index fell 0.15%, and the pharmaceutical sector rose strongly.
Apr 15,2020 11:44CST
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SMM4 15: the index rose and fell in early trading, the index is more strong than the Prev index, the market pattern is more divided. On the disk, the pharmaceutical plate strong rushed higher, the digital currency plate rose and fell back. On the whole, the plate stocks fell more or less, the money-making effect is better, the fried board rate continues to rise. Near midday, the index weakened in the short term, the Prev index fell more, and the index fell sharply. On the disk, the pharmaceutical plate rose and fell, technology stocks ready to move, the agricultural plate strengthened significantly. On the whole, the market amplitude is enlarged, the fried board rate is more stable, and the money-making effect is general. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was down 0.15 per cent at 2823.16 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index at 10510.52 points, up 0.33 per cent, and the Chuang Index at 1999.17 points, up 0.69 per cent.

Abnormal review

The concept of digital currency is high, Huijin shares, Julong shares, Omar Appliances, flying integrity, Gao Weida opening collective limit.

Flu concept pulled up higher, Zhendong Pharmaceutical, Yiling Pharmaceutical rose by the limit, Chinese medicine shares touch plate, Da'an Gene, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical rose.

The concept of liquor rose slightly, Gujing Gong Liquor, Shanxi Fenjiu rose 3%, Guizhou Maotai, Luzhou laojiao, Shunxin agriculture rose.

Semiconductor and component plate continued to pull up, Huatian technology rose more than 6%, Weir shares, Pengding holding, northern Huachuang, Zhaoyi innovation and so on.

Airport shipping plate strengthened, Huaxia Airlines pulled up the limit, auspicious Airlines, Spring and Autumn Airlines, Air China and so on.

Agricultural planting plate rebounded and pulled up, the sea seed industry rose by the limit, Wanxiang de Nong, Da Bei Nong, Fengle seed industry rose.

Message surface

[central bank carries out one-year MLF operation 100 billion yuan operating interest rate falls]

Starting from April 15, 2020, the people's Bank of China has targeted to reduce the deposit reserve ratio by 1 percentage point for rural financial institutions and city commercial banks operating only in provincial administrative areas, with a reduction of 0.5 percentage point each time. About 200 billion yuan of long-term funds were released today for the first time to adjust the required reserve ratio for the implementation of the policy. At the same time, the people's Bank of China carried out medium-term lending to facilitate (MLF) operation 100 billion yuan. Reverse repurchase operations will not be carried out today.

[soda ash industry association: enterprises reduce load production by 30% and reduce soda ash and ammonium chloride production]

The China Soda Industry Association recently issued a notice on production restrictions in the soda ash industry. The circular pointed out: according to the current situation of the industry, in accordance with the general tone of the work of the CPC Central Committee in adhering to stability and striving for progress, while unremittingly grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, in order to stabilize the economic operation of the industry and reduce the waste of resources, the China Soda Industry Association requires soda ash production enterprises to reduce their soda ash production capacity by 30 percent from April 18, 2020 to October 18, 2020. Reduce the output of soda ash and ammonium chloride, reduce inventory, promote the clearance of excess capacity, solve the imbalance between supply and demand, make the economic operation of the industry return to stability, and promote the development of the industry to high quality.

[close to regulators: has been pushing ahead with digital currency-related work]

A few days ago, it was reported that the central bank digital currency in the Agricultural Bank of China, Shenzhen, Xiongan, Chengdu, Suzhou as pilot cities. Digital currency concept stocks strengthened after the start of trading on April 15. A person close to the regulator told reporters that market reporting does not represent the official, the relevant work has been done, can pay attention to the official propaganda caliber of the central bank, but to what extent, there is no official statement.

Institutional point of view

Citic Construction said that Tuesday's rebound can only be counted as an overshoot rebound, whether it can continue to observe the cooperation of quantity and energy and the emergence of hot spots. The short-term pressure on the Prev index is in the 2850 line. In operation, it is recommended to maintain cautious optimism, position control in the upper and lower half of the warehouse, short-term recommendations to continue to pay attention to the main line of performance, focusing on such as new energy vehicles, over-falling technology leaders, continuous price increases and so on.

Guosheng Securities believes that the phased bottom near 2750 points has been touched many times and has been widely recognized by the market. Every time we go to this position, there will always be funds actively copying the bottom. At the same time, the net inflow of foreign capital will also be substantial, and the volume can be relatively significantly magnified. Internal and external funds resonate with the market and are expected to continue the rebound trend. With the disclosure of economic data in the first quarter and the stabilization of the overseas epidemic, a relatively comprehensive and objective assessment of the impact of the epidemic on the domestic economy is possible, the policy tone is expected to be clearer and more positive, the measures will be stronger, and investors' previous concerns will fall to the ground, so the inflection point at the bottom of the market is expected to be confirmed after the landing of various economic data this week.

Pacific Securities Strategy Research said that the current market opportunities in domestic demand, configuration to avoid the impact of external demand plate, such as food and beverage, household appliances, cars and other consumer white horse stocks (foreign capital return, potential consumption stimulus policy), construction, machinery, real estate leaders (low valuation, stable employment, steady growth), banks, brokerages (low valuation, upward business cycle). In addition, medium-term growth technology is still the main line of allocation in 2020, focusing on "new infrastructure" led by domestic demand, such as 5G infrastructure, electrical equipment, and new energy vehicles.

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