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[4.15 Lithium Express] the 331st batch of new cars announced that models such as BAIC Magna ARCFOX/ Audi Q2L e-tron have been selected * covering 24 provinces and building new 78000 charging piles on the national power grid.
Apr 15,2020 09:23CST
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[the 331st batch of new cars was announced, and 306 new energy models such as BAIC Magna ARCFOX/ Audi Q2L e-tron were selected.] on April 14, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the declaration of the 331st batch of "Road Motor vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and products notice" on the official website. Among them, there are 306 models of 101 enterprises that declare new energy vehicle products, including 294 models of pure electric products, 3 enterprises of plug-in hybrid power products and 4 models of fuel cell products.

[Renault unveiled a new strategy in China to drive the green travel fuel passenger car business out of China] on April 14, Renault unveiled a new strategy in the Chinese market. At the heart of the new strategy are two pillars of business-electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles. As for the traditional fuel vehicle business, Renault Group has reached a preliminary agreement with Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., the transfer of Renault Group shares in Dongfeng Renault Motor Co., Ltd., to Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. According to the announcement issued by Dongfeng Automobile, due to the decline of the domestic automobile market and the operating conditions of Dongfeng Renault, shareholders plan to restructure Dongfeng Renault. Through consultation between Dongfeng Motor Group and Renault, a memorandum without restrictions was signed and a preliminary intention was reached. Renault intends to transfer 50% of its stake in Dongfeng Renault to Dongfeng Motor Group, and Dongfeng Renault will stop its Renault brand related business activities.

[covering 24 provinces state grid new 78000 charging piles] under the new infrastructure tuyere, the charging pile industry has become a capital sha "battlefield". On April 14, the State Grid held a video conference in Beijing and announced that it would start a new round of charging pile construction: it plans to invest 2.7 billion yuan and add 78000 new charging piles in 2020. These new projects are distributed in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Qinghai and other 24 provinces (cities), covering public, special, logistics, sanitation, community and port shore power and other types. Among the 78000 charging piles, there are 53000 charging piles in residential areas, 18000 public charging piles, 7000 special charging piles and 150 shore power facilities. It is estimated that this round of investment will boost the consumption of new energy vehicles by 20 billion yuan.

[the world's largest fuel cell manufacturing base is scheduled to be completed and put into production in Laixi, Qingdao by the end of this year] the FCP China-Germany hydrogen Power Industrial Park project is stepping up its sprint in order to strive for early completion and commissioning. It is understood that the project is committed to building a large-scale national fuel cell manufacturing, efforts to promote fuel cell application demonstration, as well as efforts to build a national key project into a hydrogen economy. According to Ji Yutao, chairman of the FCP China-Germany hydrogen Power Industrial Park, the FCP China-Germany hydrogen Power Industry Park has a total investment of 4 billion yuan and achieved mass production in 2021.

Six battery manufacturers, including Ningde Times, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, Vision AESC and SKI, and Panasonic-Tesla, have met their "Global Power Battery I manufacturer (Tier 1)" standard, according to a report released by (Benchmark Mineral Intelligence) (, the benchmark mining intelligence agency, which is a UK battery raw materials consultancy. [Ningde Times / Vision AESC shortlisted Benchmark "Global first Class Battery manufacturer"). Benchmark is the first overseas research institution to focus on the lithium-ion battery supply chain, and its Lithiumion Battery Megafactory Assessment (lithium battery super factory evaluation has been widely recognized by the mainstream car companies in Europe and the United States because of its professionalism and independence, and has a high reference value in the industry.

[Musk: Tesla Battery Day will focus on battery discussions rather than new technology releases] Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that the company's upcoming event will focus on batteries rather than power systems. The announcements are expected to be released on Tesla's Power Systems and Battery Investor Day, just like last year's Autopilot Day, Tesla said. It plans to update investors live on the company's latest developments in power systems and battery technology.

[Volkswagen Electric vehicle delivery time confirmation ID. First see this year put into production in China] recently, the media exposed a group of Volkswagen ID family new pure electric car latest news, the ID.3 1ST model will officially start delivery in the Spanish market in the second quarter of this year, ID.4 pure electric SUV will soon be put into production in overseas factories, and will be officially unveiled in the second quarter of next year (depending on the time of the overseas quarter). In the domestic market, Volkswagen has a new ID. First sight (overseas market Volkswagen ID.4 model) will be domestic in FAW-Volkswagen this year, and is expected to go on sale next year. In terms of endurance, FAW-Volkswagen EIA data show that ID. At first sight, two versions of high and low endurance are provided, and the endurance mileage under NEDC condition is 480km and 350km respectively.

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