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[4.14 Lithium Express] Sichuan: strive to produce 35000 new energy vehicles this year * Greenmei subsidiary signed with ECOPRO MOU 2024 annual production of 48000 tons of high nickel precursor
Apr 14,2020 09:52CST
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[Sichuan: strive to produce 35000 new energy vehicles this year] recently, the Sichuan Department of economy and Information Technology and other departments issued a list of tasks and specific objectives: actively deal with the impact of the epidemic and the in-depth adjustment of the industry. This year, the province strives to achieve the production of 35000 new energy vehicles, an increase of 10 percent over the same period last year, and the total number of new energy vehicles has reached 120000.

[Greene Mei subsidiary signed with ECOPRO MOU main body to produce 48000 tons of high nickel precursor in 2024] on April 13, Greenmei announced that in order to further promote the cooperation between the company and South Korea ECOPRO Co., Ltd. ("ECOPRO") in the business of NCA&NCM high nickel precursor materials for new energy power batteries, Fuan Qingmei Energy Materials Co., Ltd. ("Fuan Qingmei"), a subsidiary of the company, recently signed an investment memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ECOPRO on the cooperation of NCA&NCM high nickel precursor materials for new energy power batteries. By June 2020, Fuan Qingmei and ECOPRO have agreed to set up a joint venture in Fuan Qingmei Park by 51%: 49%. The main production target of high nickel precursor NCA and NCM, is 24000 tons in 2022 and 48000 tons in 2024. Among them, nickel, cobalt and other raw materials and auxiliary materials and electricity, water, steam and other energy use related parts, based on the Fuan Tsing Mei existing infrastructure deployment and operation as the principle; Fuan Qingmei and its shareholders actively assist in the supply of nickel wet smelting intermediates (MHP), nickel sulfate crystals, cobalt sulfate crystals and other raw materials.

[Pilbara Minerals and Tianyi Lithium signed a five-year underwriting agreement Tianyi 25000 tpa LCE plant project is scheduled to be put into production this year] Tianyi Lithium Industry is currently building an annual lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide plant in Yibin, Sichuan Province. The company has invested heavily in lithium chemical capacity, and the first 25000tpa LCE plant is currently under construction and is scheduled to begin production in June 2020. Pilbara Minerals and Yibin Tianyi signed a five-year underwriting agreement to obtain 75000 tons of spodumene concentrate from the Pilbara Minerals project, of which 60, 000 tons will be supplied in 2020. Tianyi Lithium completed the first shipment of 20,000 tons of lithium concentrate at the end of March and the second shipment is scheduled for late April / early May 2020.

[Minmetals Group launched China's first power battery recycling service platform] on March 27, China Minmetals Group Changsha Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd. power battery recycling public service platform officially launched, this is the first domestic power battery recycling service platform. There are 37 enterprises in the registered industry, and the total amount of retired battery transactions is about 100 tons.

According to the announcement, with the rapid development of the energy storage industry and the gradual improvement of the company's energy storage and related business, the layout of the energy storage industry and the expansion of the integrity of the industry chain has become an urgent need for the company to enhance its core competitiveness and enhance its business performance. In order to further expand the industrial layout and increase the coverage of the business field, the company and Ningde Times plan to set up Xinneng easy Special Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinneng easy Special"). Cooperate in the development, production and sale of energy storage Pack products and related supporting services.

[229600 Aion LX 70 Lite listed after the subsidy] on April 13, GAC New Energy Aion LX 70 Lite has been officially listed, and the price of the new car starts at 229600 yuan after the subsidy. The new car is equipped with an electric drive system with a maximum power of 135kW and a peak torque of 300N ·m. Officials say its 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 7.8s. In addition, in the endurance section, the new car is equipped with a battery pack with the capacity of 73kWh, and the NEDC has a life span of 520km.

[BMW first released technical details of hydrogen fuel cell: total output power up to 275 kilowatts] A few days ago, BMW Group announced for the first time the technical details of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT power system, and reiterated that the company is systematically and comprehensively promoting the landing of zero-emission travel. According to J ü rgen Guldner, vice president of hydrogen fuel cell technology and vehicle projects at BMW, "the fuel cell system used in the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT power system reacts with oxygen in the air to produce up to 125kW (170hp) of electricity." This means that vehicles do not emit any emissions other than water vapor. The total output power of the system can reach 275kW (374hp), which ensures the consistent driving performance of BMW.

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