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[stock market recovery] the index goes up and down the index fiercely fights 2000 points RCS concept heat unabated
Apr 9,2020 15:47CST
In the afternoon, the three major indexes rose steadily, the gem once returned to 2000 points, on the disk, the medical device plate continues to be active, the medical information plate has also rushed higher. Near the end of the day, the index fell back slightly. As of today's close, the Shanghai index was up 0.37 per cent at 2825.90 points, with a turnover of 247.393 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 0.74 per cent at 10463.05 points, with a turnover of 405.779 billion yuan; and the Swift Index was up 1.65 per cent at 1997.14 points.
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SMM4 month 9: the two cities collective high open, after the opening of the index slightly higher, and then fell back. On the disk, RCS continued to hot trend, the big financial plate rushed higher. Near the end of the morning, the Prev kept concussion, the index concussion went higher, agricultural planting plate pulled up. In the afternoon, the three major indexes rose steadily, the gem once returned to 2000 points, on the disk, the medical device plate continues to be active, the medical information plate has also rushed higher. Near the end of the day, the index fell back slightly, on the whole, the atmosphere was significantly better than yesterday, the two stocks rose and fell less, more than 100 shares rose by the limit, the money-making effect was better.

As of today's close, the Shanghai index was up 0.37 per cent at 2825.90 points, with a turnover of 247.393 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 0.74 per cent at 10463.05 points, with a turnover of 405.779 billion yuan; and the Swift Index was up 1.65 per cent at 1997.14 points.

Plates and individual stocks

On the morning of April 8, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom jointly held a press conference to release the "5G News White Paper." The three major operators announced that they will join hands with ecological partners to open a new chapter in the 5G messaging business. Wu Tong Holdings, China Taiyue, Meng.com Group, Jiadu Technology and so on more than 10 shares rose by the limit.

Net inflow of major funds into the top 10 today

Abnormal review

RCS rich media communications concept rose sharply, Hailian Jinhui, China Taiyue, Caixun shares, UnionPay, Zhongjia Bochuang, Dreamnet Group collectively rose by the limit.

Water conservancy plate change pull up, Aeglaas straight line limit, the three Gorges water conservancy, Qianjiang water conservancy, Zhengping shares, Dayu water saving and so on.

National defense industry plate pulled up, Huaxun Ark, Tianhai defense limit, Chinese soldiers Red Arrow, Elada rose 4%.

The media plate pulled up and strengthened, Juli Culture, North Weft Science and Technology, Eglas, the Great Wall Animation, contemporary Oriental and other stocks pulled up the limit.

Agricultural planting plate unilateral downward, Jinjian rice industry fell more than 5%, Huamao shares, agricultural development, new agricultural development and so on.

Securities plate pulled up, Oriental wealth rose 6%, Guojin Securities, Bank of China Securities, Tianfeng Securities, West China Securities rose.

UHV plate strengthened, China West Power rose by the limit, Guodian Nanzi rose 8%, Baotang Electric, Zhongyuan shares, special change electricians and so on.

Agricultural planting plate quickly pulled up, Xinsai shares, Fengle seed industry rose 7%, Denghai seed industry, Tsuen Yin high technology, Shennong science and technology, Wanxiang Denong and so on.

Logistics plate is active, Zhongchuang logistics straight line, Huamao logistics, Guanghui logistics, Xinning logistics rose slightly.

Message surface

[ZTE Corporation won the bid for China Unicom Intelligent Metropolitan area Network Collection]

Recently, the collection results of China Unicom Intelligent Metropolitan area Network (5G bearer) were announced, and ZTE Corporation was shortlisted for core convergence and access to all bid packages, and finally won the bid with a total share and each bid package share ranked second. So far, the three major domestic operators in 2020 5G bearing collection bidding have been decided, ZTE access, convergence, core products won the bid in an all-round way. Up to now, ZTE 5G carrier shipment has nearly 40,000 terminals, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other super first-tier cities have taken the lead in commercial deployment.

[Shanghai: speeding up the Application of 5G, Block chain and other Technologies in the Field of Public Health]

The website of the Shanghai Municipal Government has published "some opinions of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and the Shanghai Municipal people's Government on perfecting the Prevention and Control system and Mechanism of Major epidemic situation and perfecting the Public Health Emergency Management system", in which it is proposed to promote the in-depth application of new technologies, new products and new models, and strengthen the information construction of public health emergency. We will speed up the application of 5G, blockchain and other technologies in the field of public health, strengthen the integration of multi-source data, promote the application of health big data in the field of public health, improve the function of the professional information system for disease prevention and control, support the collection and application of epidemiological investigation data, and promote refined and intelligent management. We will speed up the construction of platforms such as "intelligent health supervision", retrospective supervision of vaccines and drugs, and management of medical treatment on the Internet.

[the standing Committee of the State Council has a new tone! Three major measures to support processing trade enterprises in the establishment of 46 new comprehensive pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce]

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the standing meeting of the State Council on April 7, launching a series of measures, such as setting up a comprehensive experimental zone for cross-border e-commerce, supporting processing trade, and holding the Canton Fair online, actively responding to the impact of the epidemic, and striving to stabilize the basic foreign trade market; decided to continue the implementation of inclusive finance and some tax support policies for microfinance companies.

[MSCI: intends to release the results of the May semi-annual index review as scheduled on 12 May]

The MSCI will release the results of the May 2020 semi-annual index review on May 12 as scheduled, effective June 1. Unless extreme market conditions occur, MSCI will consider deferring or canceling the review in the coming weeks, because in accordance with the three principles of market operation, liquidity and data availability that MSCI currently monitors the market, although the COVID-19 epidemic has disturbed the market, most of the world's stock markets are functioning normally, with ample liquidity, and the quality and accessibility of data have not been affected by the epidemic.

[extension of subsidy policy for the purchase of new energy vehicles for two years the Ministry of Finance will introduce specific measures] Sun Guangqi, director of the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance, said that in order to promote vehicle consumption, the executive meeting of the State Council held on March 31 decided to extend the policy of subsidy for the purchase of new energy vehicles and exemption from vehicle purchase tax, which expires at the end of this year, for two years. The Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with relevant departments, will step up the introduction of specific measures to stabilize market expectations and create conditions for the release of automobile consumer demand.

Institutional point of view

Everbright Securities said that for short-term investors, the market is also expected to usher in the right allocation opportunity. In terms of specific configuration, we can pay attention to four main lines: first, a relatively reliable grasp of steady growth, suggesting that we should pay attention to the areas of pure domestic demand, such as new and old infrastructure, cars and real estate; second, from the perspective of supply chain, pay attention to the possibility of filling vacancies in the fields of automobile and other transportation equipment, medical and medical equipment, aerospace and agricultural products; third, the value stocks, which were previously sold by foreign investors, have the opportunity to overfall and rebound. Fourth, during the shock period, it is suggested that low-risk investors pay attention to the target of high dividend.

Shanxi Securities: affected by the external market, yesterday northward capital once again turned into a net outflow. Even during the two bottoms of A shares in 2018, northward funds did not flow in and out so frequently; however, at present, due to the greater fluctuations in the external disk, the operation of foreign capital is also more frequent, which has also caused a greater disturbance to A shares. With the outflow of foreign capital, the turnover of A shares shrank again.

Looking forward to the future, optimistic about the medium-and long-term investment value of A shares, the three major operators disclosed 5G white paper, market hot spots are expected to return to the science and technology sector.

In the sector, investors are recommended to focus on investment opportunities in machinery, building materials, construction, real estate and agriculture. In addition, it is suggested that investors focus on the 5G plate, from the performance guidelines of SMIC and the investment of operators, the demand for enterprise equipment in 5G is more rigid, investors can focus on this type of company.

Northeast Securities:

From the short-term trading strategy scenario response, if the Shanghai index does not break 2800 points, it means that the market can maintain a certain degree of activity, that is, structural opportunities can be exploited. On the contrary, if you fall below 2800 points, you will inevitably need to fill the gap below, that is, you need to be more cautious.

Of course, looking ahead, generally speaking, before the 20-day moving average turns up, the market is still in the pattern of shock center, and the gap of 27802800 points has a higher probability to be filled.

Therefore, it is expected that the large probability of the future needs to fill the gap below, and there is a greater probability to continue to reverse the market after filling the gap. The short-term market is under the influence of the peripheral market and maintains the operational characteristics of building a concussion center. Therefore, in operation, it is still appropriate to control the position, be moderately cautious in the short term, and maintain the flexibility of the position. Track the quarterly report data, try not to catch up, focusing on the steady growth of new and old infrastructure and other topics, as well as military industry, anti-epidemic and other policy themes repeatedly.

Tianfeng Securities said that the global epidemic caused by the risk of recession will be gradually released, a short-term rebound or near the end, followed by a large probability to maintain a volatile pattern, the market money-making effect is poor. In the medium and long term, we are firmly optimistic about the allocation value of A shares. In terms of plate configuration, the short-term bullish domestic demand-driven and policy-supported 5G infrastructure as the core of the new infrastructure, as well as defensive health care and must-choose consumption and other sectors. In the medium to long term, we are still optimistic that science and technology will be the core thread running through the next 2-3 years.

Citic Securities believes that the three signals of the bottom of A shares are gradually clear: first, the external signal, the liquidity risk of the global "dollar shortage" is alleviated, the risk asset pricing mechanism is repaired, and the market cuts from the panic period to the cooling-off period; second, the domestic liquidity signal, the allocation of funds to the north to restore the net inflow of funds, the repurchase and increase of industrial capital increasingly frequent, and the willingness to enter the market through war investment channels will be enhanced in the future. Third, the policy signal, after the meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee reached a consensus, monetary, fiscal and other packages of policies landed and accelerated.

Anxin Securities believes that the recent global market logic has gradually emerged from the liquidity panic, with commodities represented by oil prices beginning to bottom and stabilizing, suggesting that the market is beginning to re-examine the impact of the epidemic on the real economy. The risk assets in some areas with better epidemic control, represented by A shares, are gradually favored by the global allocation of funds, which also reflects that the global allocation of funds is beginning to return to rationality.

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