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New Progress in Manganese Industry in Europe in response to the epidemic: the Company's non-epidemic project has not been affected for the time being
Apr 9,2020 14:06CST
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SMM4, March 9: recently, the European manganese industry (EMN) released its latest progress in dealing with the epidemic. Marco Romero, chief executive of EMN, said: so far, the company, the company's network of consultants and contractors have not experienced an epidemic. Our project is largely unaffected. Under the circumstances, we did well. Our company regards the safety and health of employees, consultants, contractors and local community residents as a top priority, and actively monitors and responds to the epidemic. We attach great importance to this health crisis, we are particularly cautious, and we are following all applicable rules and guidelines.

Short-term priorities for EMN: 1) ongoing discussions and negotiations with potential clients and strategic and financial partners, including those related to the financing of the project and its proposed demonstration plant; 2) negotiation of value-added services, financial and commercial arrangements; 3) preparation of feasibility studies; 4) it is important to complete the identification of our environmental impact assessment (EIA) profile and the next step is to submit the EIA project notification (project description) in the second quarter of 2020.

The entire team of the company works from home, and all collaborative activities are carried out online. Effective modern communication and information technology will provide good services. Marco Romero said that we had completed four years of very extensive field work and research at the Chvaletice manganese project site, which would be difficult to carry out because of the strict rules of the current epidemic in the Czech Republic. The engineering and laboratory testing of our feasibility study continued to develop in China, and service providers returned to work after shutting down for nearly two months.

The company has actively tightened spending and has worked hard to focus resources on mission-critical activities to address these key recent development milestones. Activities that are time-sensitive or less strategic have been suspended and the proposed development of the Chvaletice demonstration plant has been put on hold.

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