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[stock market resumption]
Apr 8,2020 15:48CST
The three major indices opened lower, the opening gem index quickly pulled up higher, Prev is more weak, and then began to shock pull up. On the disk, the RCS plate continued to hot performance, close in the morning, the index overall maintained a weak consolidation trend, the disk to see the military industry, tourism plate once rushed higher. In the afternoon, the index rose steadily, the index, Prev strong red, on the disk, semiconductor plate force, near the end of the day, the index weakened. As of today's close, the Prev index was down 0.19 per cent at 2815.37 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 0.41 per cent at 10386.54 points, and the gem index was down 0.25 per cent at 1964.76
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SMM4 month 8: three major indexes opened low, the opening gem index quickly pulled up higher, Prev is relatively weak, and then began to shock pull up. On the disk, the RCS plate continued to hot performance, close in the morning, the index overall maintained a weak consolidation trend, the disk to see the military industry, tourism plate once rushed higher. In the afternoon, the index steadily rose, the index, Prev strong red, on the disk, semiconductor plate strength, near the end of the day, the index slightly weaker, on the whole, the two stocks rose and fell less, the funds in the field are in a wait-and-see situation, the money-making effect showed a slight decline.

As of today's close, the Prev index was down 0.19 per cent at 2815.37 points, with a turnover of 253.16 billion yuan; Shencheng Index fell 0.41 per cent to 10386.54 points, with a turnover of 420.856 billion yuan; and the gem index fell 0.25 per cent to 1964.76 points.

Plates and individual stocks

On the news, at 10:00 on April 8, the three major operators will join hands with their industry partners to jointly release the 5G message white paper and broadcast it live online. It is expected to upgrade the basic SMS in an all-round way, realize the interaction and intelligence of short message, and enhance the ability of security and anti-counterfeiting. Shenzhou Taiyue, color message shares, dream network group, sea United news collective limit.

The main capital inflow into the top 10 today

Abnormal review

The concept of digital currency is active, Hailian Jinhui, Gao Weida rose by the limit, Omar Electric, Julong shares rose more than 8%.

RCS rich media communications rose, Shenzhou Taiyue, color message shares, dream network group, sea joint communication collective limit.

Agricultural planting plate quickly pulled up, Xinsai shares rose by the limit, Jinjian rice industry rose 9%, Huamao shares, new agricultural development with the rise.

Semiconductor and component plate pulled up, rich electronics rose by 6%, Zhuo Sheng micro up 6%, national technology, Pengding holding rose more than 3%.

Oil mining plate pulled up, HTC mining rose, Guangdong and Guangxi shares, Jinling Mining, Hainan Mining, Ordos rose.

Biomedical plate rapid pull up, Jingfeng medicine board, Haizheng pharmaceutical industry rose by the limit, Weiming medicine, essence pharmaceutical with the rise.

C2M concept pulled up strong, Meibang clothing, Whirlpool, Deli shares, Qingdao Golden King has risen by the limit, Longzi shares rose 8%.

Scenic spots and tourism plate rose, Xi'an tourism, Lijiang shares, Huangshan tourism rose more than 7%, Caesar tourism, Zhangjiajie rose.

The national defense military industry plate changed and pulled up, Tianhai defense closed up, Tianjian science and technology rose by more than 7%, Chinese soldiers red arrow, China ship defense, aviation technology, China's emergency response and so on.

Cobalt plate continued to pull up, western resources back, Huamao shares hit the limit, Jinling Mining, Pengxin Resources, Tibet Mining, Huayu Cobalt and so on.

Semiconductor and component plate pull up in the afternoon, national science and technology rose slightly, Huatian science and technology rose more than 6%, Ruineng technology, Pengding holding, Huazheng new material, star semiconductors and so on.

Mask plate change pull up, Dawn shares rose, search in special, Yanjiang shares, Guoen shares followed the rise.

Message surface

[three major operators send 5G message white paper: short message service upgrade supports encrypted transmission]

On the basis of inheriting the characteristics of traditional SMS registration-free login and installation-free application, 5G message further realizes the convenience and efficiency of information exchange. In addition, 5G messages also support encrypted transmission, graphics password and other information exchange methods, which can provide information security and protect the privacy of users.

[Shanghai: speeding up the Application of 5G, Block chain and other Technologies in the Field of Public Health]

The website of the Shanghai Municipal Government has published "some opinions of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and the Shanghai Municipal people's Government on perfecting the Prevention and Control system and Mechanism of Major epidemic situation and perfecting the Public Health Emergency Management system", in which it is proposed to promote the in-depth application of new technologies, new products and new models, and strengthen the information construction of public health emergency. We will speed up the application of 5G, blockchain and other technologies in the field of public health, strengthen the integration of multi-source data, promote the application of health big data in the field of public health, improve the function of the professional information system for disease prevention and control, support the collection and application of epidemiological investigation data, and promote refined and intelligent management. We will speed up the construction of platforms such as "intelligent health supervision", retrospective supervision of vaccines and drugs, and management of medical treatment on the Internet.

[the standing Committee of the State Council has a new tone! Three major measures to support processing trade enterprises in the establishment of 46 new comprehensive pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce]

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the standing meeting of the State Council on April 7, launching a series of measures, such as setting up a comprehensive experimental zone for cross-border e-commerce, supporting processing trade, and holding the Canton Fair online, actively responding to the impact of the epidemic, and striving to stabilize the basic foreign trade market; decided to continue the implementation of inclusive finance and some tax support policies for microfinance companies.

[Tesla plans to resume normal production at its US plant by May 4]

Tesla announced pay cuts and leave arrangements to employees today and plans to cut US employees' pay by up to 30 per cent, Tesla's internal email was quoted as saying. It also said it plans to resume normal production at U. S. factories by May 4.

[Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology: actively stabilizing and expanding consumption of New Energy vehicles]

Xin Guobin, vice minister of industry and information technology: in the next step, we will further strengthen departmental coordination, improve support policies, actively stabilize and expand the consumption of new energy vehicles, and unswervingly promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry.

Institutional point of view

Soochow Securities said that in the peripheral rebound cycle, market sentiment has been repaired, but the international epidemic still has greater uncertainty, whether the rebound can continue remains to be seen. Domestic A shares regardless of the rise and fall are relatively small, because the previous upward trend has been destroyed, the market needs to go through a period of shock to repair the damaged form, but this does not hinder the performance of individual stocks, consumption, inflation, technology will be the main direction of individual stocks active.

Citic Securities believes that the three signals of the bottom of A shares are gradually clear: first, the external signal, the liquidity risk of the global "dollar shortage" is alleviated, the risk asset pricing mechanism is repaired, and the market cuts from the panic period to the cooling-off period; second, the domestic liquidity signal, the allocation of funds to the north to restore the net inflow of funds, the repurchase and increase of industrial capital increasingly frequent, and the willingness to enter the market through war investment channels will be enhanced in the future. Third, the policy signal, after the meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee reached a consensus, monetary, fiscal and other packages of policies landed and accelerated.

In terms of industry configuration, Dongxing Securities proposes to pay attention to the main line of "domestic demand". We can carry out the layout of three dimensions: first, cars, household appliances, new and old infrastructure in the direction of policy efforts; second, medicine and food and beverages that must be consumed and their performance is relatively stable; and third, they have been greatly affected by the epidemic in the early stage. At present, it has gradually stepped out of the social services and retail that have begun to recover at the bottom. In the medium and long term, still optimistic about the cycle trend significant science and technology plate leading target.

Guangfa Securities said that from a macro perspective, the impact of the epidemic may continue to weaken, the market investment sentiment will tend to calm down, the annual report and a quarterly report superimposed, the outstanding stocks win, the fundamental style will continue the main line. From the perspective of calendar effect, the fundamental influence of the second quarter is expanded, the effectiveness of profit style is enhanced, and the small market reversal style will continue to weaken. In terms of differentiation degree, the market volatility continues to intensify in the first quarter, the degree of differentiation rises and continues to be higher than the threshold, the effectiveness of price style is weakened, and the style of profit and undervaluation is enhanced. In terms of capital flow, the current A-share market is more deterministic than overseas markets, northward capital gradually resume inflows, the second quarter may continue to be favored by funds. To sum up, the second quarter of the small market reversal style may weaken, it is recommended to pay attention to the profit style.

Hualong Securities pointed out that in the second quarter of 2020, A shares are likely to continue to be dominated by structural opportunities, the market will be more focused on thematic opportunities, and the new economy and technology represented by new infrastructure will continue to be supported by policies. it remains the focus of the market. However, from the perspective of valuation and profit expectations, under the impact of the epidemic, industries that are less affected or can recover strongly after the epidemic are also worthy of attention. Overall, in the second quarter, it is recommended to pay attention to pan-consumption (food and beverage, medicine, automobile), new and old infrastructure (construction machinery, construction materials, 5G, UHV), scientific and technological growth (domestic chips, software, new energy), non-bank finance (brokerage), agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, etc.

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