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[4.3 Lithium Express] Shanghai New Energy vehicle access and Licensing Policy significantly adjusted * BYD and Toyota Joint Venture Company was officially established
Apr 3,2020 09:31CST
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The Shanghai Municipal Economic Information and Chemical Commission recently issued a notice on the relevant operational procedures of the Shanghai Municipal measures for encouraging the purchase and use of New Energy vehicles in 2020. The relevant technical experts of the National New Energy vehicle Product quality Inspection Center, who participated in the drafting of the 2020 policy, said that the main change in the 2020 policy is that it is difficult to put new energy vehicles on the license plate reflected by Shanghai residents. As well as the registration process that the enterprise pays close attention to before is more complex problem. The core content is that the licensing and registration time of new energy vehicles in Shanghai will be reduced by more than 50% in 2020, and the safety supervision of new energy vehicles in Shanghai will be gradually transferred to post-event supervision.

[BYD and Toyota Joint Venture Company officially established Toyota Anhong Shang as Chairman] on April 2, BYD Toyota Electric vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., a pure electric vehicle R & D company jointly owned by Toyota Motor Company and BYD Co., Ltd., was officially established. Each side of the joint venture contributed 50%, Toyota shore Hongshan as chairman of the joint venture, BYD Zhao Binggen as general manager of the joint venture. The joint venture is scheduled to open in May with about 300 employees.

[brilliance BMW Shenyang Tiexi new factory opened in 2022] April 1, brilliance BMW Tiexi new factory officially started. It is understood that the new Tiexi factory has an overall construction area of 3 square kilometers. After it is completed and put into production in 2022, it will mainly produce pure electric, plug-in hybrid and other new energy vehicles, and create thousands of jobs in the next three to five years.

[Shanghai issued charging subsidy measures] on April 2, the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other five departments issued the Shanghai interim measures for promoting the orderly Development of the Connectivity and Connectivity of charging (replacement) facilities for Electric vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The measures state that they support the policy of intelligent and orderly charging and the construction of intelligent charging piles in residential areas. The "measures" will focus on solving the problem of "finding a good pile". The combination of assessment and rating and electricity subsidy policy will encourage charging facilities to connect operational information to municipal platforms, achieve connectivity, and strive to solve the existing problems, such as the occupation of oil vehicles, the failure of charging piles, and the disunity of payment methods, so as to improve the utilization rate of facilities and meet the urgent need for the replacement of electric taxis. Through the demonstration community construction and the special subsidy policy, enhances the community construction enthusiasm and the property support coordination degree, promotes the charging pile to enter the district. Through the establishment of enterprise and resident two-level intelligent and orderly charging system, time-sharing and so on, we can guide the charging from "unmanned" to "platform control", and improve the charging safety level, so as to avoid the impact of the development of new energy vehicles on the urban distribution network after the development of new energy vehicles on a larger scale.

[about 202400 charging facilities have been built in Beijing] on April 1, the Beijing Public charging facilities data Service platform e charging Network released the 2019 analysis report on the construction and charging behavior of charging facilities in Beijing. By the end of 2019, a total of about 202400 charging facilities had been completed, and a "charging ring" with a radius of less than 5 kilometers in the plain area of the city had been basically formed. Among them, there are 153400 private charging stations, 25000 public charging facilities and 18000 public charging facilities within the unit.

Tesla reported a 17 per cent jump in its after-hours share price of 88000 cars in the first quarter. Tesla reportedly said late Thursday that it delivered 88400 cars in the first quarter of this year. The delivery was slightly lower than Wall Street analysts had expected, but the company called it its "best" first-quarter performance ever. Tesla shares rose sharply on the news. Shares rose 17.28 per cent to $533.01 in after-hours trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on Thursday.

[Xiaopeng G3 expanded three models with sales subsidies starting at 146800 prices] on April 2, Xiaopeng announced that it would expand and officially sell three series of models: G3460, G3460i and G3520i, with a retail price of 146800-199800 yuan after the comprehensive subsidy. Among them, the G3460i and G3520i series models will carry Xiaopeng's brand-new intelligent network hardware and intelligent ecosystem, which can realize most of the vehicle intelligent capability of Xiaopeng P7.

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