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Antofagasta uses Renewable Energy to supply Power to Centinela Copper Mine since 2022
Apr 2,2020 11:36CST
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SMM4, March 2: copper miner Antofagasta said Wednesday that under an agreement with power company Engie Energia Chile, its Chilean Centinela copper mine will use renewable energy to power from 2022 at a lower cost.

Antofagasta said the Centinela mine had signed a new electricity procurement agreement with Engie Energ í a, a power company, valid from 2022 to 2033.

"this is an important step towards meeting our target of cutting carbon emissions by 300000 tonnes by 2022," said IV á n Arriagada, chief executive of Antofagasta. "

Under the current circumstances, Centinela will cancel two existing procurement agreements, which expire in 2026 and 2027, and will sell 40 per cent of its indirect stake in Hornitos thermal power plants to Engie.

Antofagasta has four copper mines, all located in Chile, Los Pelambres, Centinela, Autucoya and Zald í var, producing a total of 770000 tons of copper in 2019.

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