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[4.2Lithium Express] release of the recommended catalogue of the fourth batch of new energy models * LG financing of 480 million euros will be put into Polish battery plants
Apr 2,2020 09:29CST
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On April 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the recommended Model Catalog for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles (the fourth batch of 2020), which includes 54 models from 57 enterprises, including 114 models for 51 pure electric products, 16 models for 9 plug-in hybrid power products and 4 models for fuel cell products.

[Tesla Model Y defects have been confirmed that Tesla is in urgent need of improvement] it is reported that the Tesla Model Y model has known design defects, and a growing number of cases show that there are indeed problems with the rear hatch of the new electric vehicle. Even at low speeds, it is more vulnerable to minor bumps and bumps, such as inverted che hitting telephone poles or walls. This is a warning to buyers and potential buyers of the Model Y model.

[LG raised 480 million euros to be invested in Polish battery plants] it is reported that LG Chemical has received a 480 million euro (3.75 billion yuan) loan from (EIB), the European investment bank, which will be invested in Polish power battery plants to expand its production from 35GWh to 65GWh. It is reported that LG Chemical will invest a total of 1.5 billion euros (11.72 billion yuan) in equipment upgrading projects at the Polish battery factory, with the exception of loans from the European Investment Bank, the rest of which will come from LG's own resources or other sources of financing. LG Chemical currently has 15GWh capacity in Poland.

[Jiawei Xinneng subsidiary was shortlisted for China Tower Battery Purchasing Project] on April 1, Jiawei Xinneng said in response to questions from investors on the interactive platform, subsidiary Jiaweilong Energy solid State Energy Storage Technology Rugao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiawei Longneng") was shortlisted for the first time in the "China Iron Tower Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch battery sub-provincial e-commerce procurement project" and won the project evaluation and certification. The tender products are lithium iron phosphate battery pack 64V30AH and charger. The relevant acquisition situation is based on the specific needs of the prefecture-level branches of China Iron Tower Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province.

[Tesla's shipments of about 77400 electric cars fell more than 30 per cent month-on-month in the first quarter] it was reported that social distance guidelines and city closure limited the number of electric cars Tesla could deliver because of the global epidemic of new crown pneumonia. Wall Street analysts now expect Tesla to deliver about 77400 electric cars in the first quarter of the Model Y crossover electric vehicle, which began delivery in the first quarter. While the delivery figure was up sharply from the same period last year, it was down more than 30 per cent from the fourth quarter of last year.

[global electric vehicle sales rose 16 per cent in February] after months of falling sales, global electric vehicle registrations finally surpassed the same period last year, rising 16 per cent to 116170 units year-on-year, according to EV Sales data. The strong performance in February brought global electric vehicle registrations to 268627 so far this year, up 2 per cent from a year earlier. Given the current global spread of the new crown virus, the growth in electric vehicle sales may not last long.

[Beijing Hyundai introduces a new electric platform to push pure electric SUV 450km] in 2019, overseas media exposed that Hyundai is building a new pure electric SUV, code-named "NE" based on the new E-GMP platform. The mileage is expected to reach 450km. We learned from the relevant bidding website that Beijing Hyundai is bidding for a brand new model codenamed "NEC". According to the code rules of modern products in Beijing, the "NEC", the domestic version of the overseas "NE" model, is expected to go on sale in 2021. Part of the design of the new car is similar to the previous release of the 45 concept car, the overall shape is more futuristic than the modern model on sale, very science fiction.

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