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[stock Market Review] the three major stock indexes of A shares continue to fluctuate and the vaccine biological plate is active all day.
Oct 31,2019 16:59CST
By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was down 0.35% at 2929.06 points, the Shencheng index at 9635.33 points, down 0.48%, and the index at 1671.31 points, down 0.76%. The figures show a total net inflow of $7.39 billion to the north. Of this total, Shanghai shares had a net inflow of 3.19 billion yuan, while Shenzhen shares had a net inflow of 4.2 billion yuan. Statistics found that northward capital inflow for 6 consecutive days, a total of 17.652 billion yuan.
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SMM10 31 news: the three major stock indexes opened high in early trading, and then the index weakened slightly, the Prev index turned green immediately, the liquor plate led the way to rise in two cities, and the bank and other weight plates showed that the downturn dragged down the index, and the market mood became colder. Near the close of the morning, the three major stock indexes continued the weak consolidation pattern. Under the drag of the fall of the second new stock and the fall of the weight plate, the white horse and pharmaceutical stocks rose one after another, and the market mood warmed slightly. However, the bomb rate of the two cities is still high. In the afternoon, the afternoon index fell again, the three major stock indexes all dyed green. Digital currency, aquaculture concept continues to decline, natural gas plate slightly changed, white horse stocks are still strong. In late trading, the three major stock indexes continued to decline, the gem index fell 0.75%, Prev index, Shenzhen index followed. The second child and block chain collectively fell, and the funds were not willing to do much. Stocks fell, capital wait-and-see mood is strong.

By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was down 0.35% at 2929.06 points, the Shencheng index at 9635.33 points, down 0.48%, and the index at 1671.31 points, down 0.76%. The figures show a total net inflow of $7.39 billion to the north. Of this total, Shanghai shares had a net inflow of 3.19 billion yuan, while Shenzhen shares had a net inflow of 4.2 billion yuan. Statistics found that northward capital inflow for 6 consecutive days, a total of 17.652 billion yuan.

Plates and individual stocks

Renfu Medicine, Haixin shares, Watson Biology, Haley Biology, Blue Sea Biology and other stocks strengthened. He Qinghua, deputy director of the Disease Control Bureau of the National Health Commission, made it clear that the overall supply of influenza vaccines in the country this year is sufficient. At present, more than 17 million doses have been supplied to various localities, which is three times the supply in the same period last year. The cumulative vaccination in various localities has exceeded 8 million doses, twice as many as in the same period last year. An Xuejun, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, said that at present, Beijing has received a total of 860000 influenza vaccines.

Plate capital flow

The main net inflow into the top five of the industry plate: White goods, food manufacturing and processing, biopharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, hotel and catering

Main net inflow of concept plate top five: Super brand, household appliances, RMB depreciation income, smart home, artemisinin

Net inflow of the main capital into the top 10 today

Abnormal review

The three major stock indexes opened slightly higher, the Prev index rose 0.19%, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.28%, the gem index rose 0.26%, the concept of liquor rose higher, led by digital currency, aquaculture and so on.

The concept of liquor is high, Luzhou laojiao rose 4%, welcome tribute wine, Wuliangye, this world fate and other collective higher

The banking sector weakened, Chongqing Agricultural Business Bank fell 5%, Everbright Bank fell 4%, Changshu Bank, Huaxia Bank, CITIC Bank and so on weakened one after another.

5G concept strengthened, ultrasonic communication pulled up the seal board, Mai Jie science and technology impact rose by the limit, vertical and horizontal communications, Wuhan Fangu and so on.

The concept of blockchain is weak, Yi Lianzhong Feng limit, Sifang Jingchuang, Yuyin shares, Baibang Science and Technology, Chenxin Science and Technology, etc.

Pork stocks plunged, Xinwufeng and Aonong biology fell more than 8%, Zhenjing shares, probiotics shares, Kangdahl and other collective weakness

Securities plate rose slightly, Nanjing securities rose 3%, Societe Generale Securities, China Galaxy, Zhejiang Securities, Hua'an Securities all rose slightly.

Natural gas plate rose slightly, Dongfang Huanyu rose 3%, Jinhong Holdings, Xinjiang Torch, Shenzhen Gas, Xinjiang Haoyuan and other collective pull up

The concept of digital currency plunged rapidly, information development, Julong shares fell by the limit, Huijin shares, Ranko Technology, etc., followed by the decline.

Second child concept stocks weakened in the afternoon, blond hair rabbi, Bangbao Yizhi, Beinmei, Modern Avenue, and other stocks were closed down by the limit, David Medical, Western Animal Husbandry and so on.

Message surface

[the leaders of the economic and trade teams of China and the United States will speak again this Friday]

Beijing, 31 Oct (Xinhua) A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on the 31st that the economic and trade teams of China and the United States have always maintained close communication and that the current consultations are progressing smoothly. The two sides will continue to push forward the consultations and other work as planned. The leaders of the two sides will speak again on Friday.

[Huawei Mate 305G mobile phone goes on sale tomorrow and releases new VR glasses]

On November 1, Huawei Mate30 Series 5G phones with Kirin 9905G SoC, supporting SA/NSA 5G dual mode will officially go on sale. In addition, Huawei will also release VR glasses to support many of the 5G experiences. (21st century)

[China's manufacturing PMI recorded 49.3 in October and is estimated to be 49.8 before it is estimated to be 49.8]

China's manufacturing PMI recorded 49.3 in October, with a forecast of 48.8, compared with a previous value of 49.8. The Bureau of Statistics commented on the operation of China's purchasing manager index in October 2019: in terms of enterprise size, the PMI of large enterprises was 49.9 percent, down 0.9 percentage points from the previous month; the PMI of medium-sized enterprises was 49.0 percent, up from 0.4 percentage points last month; and the PMI of small enterprises was 47.9 percent, down from 0.9 percentage points last month. From the point of view of the sub-index, among the five sub-indexes that make up the manufacturing PMI, the production index and supplier distribution time index are higher than the critical point, while the new order index, raw material inventory index and employee index are lower than the critical point.

The Fed cut interest rates for the third time this year! There will be a fourth time? Powell gives key hints that the people's Bank of China is likely to do so]

The Fed released its latest monetary policy statement at 2: 00 p.m. et on Wednesday (2: 00 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday). At the meeting, the FOMC (FOMC) decided to cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to a target range of 1.5 to 1.75 per cent, in line with widely expected market expectations, according to the statement. The Fed raised interest rates four times last year, and since 2019, the Fed has cut interest rates by 25 basis points in August and September, respectively. (21st Century Economic report)

[Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology announces the official launch of 5G Business]

On October 31, Chen Zhaoxiong, vice minister of industry and information technology, announced the official launch of 5G business at the opening forum of the China International Information and Communications Exhibition in 2019. The network facilities have been continuously improved and the network download rate has increased to an advanced global level, with 130000 5G base stations to be opened by the end of this year, with coverage in places such as Beijing and Shanghai, said Chen Zhaoxiong.

[Alibaba plans to raise up to $15 billion in Hong Kong as early as November]

Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce company, plans to seek permission to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shortly after the Singles Day shopping carnival and is likely to list in late November or early December, according to sources. The company is expected to abandon the roadshow to meet with institutional investors before the deal is launched, the source added. According to Reuters (Reuters), the company hopes to raise $10 billion to $15 billion through a public offering. (Tencent)

Institutional point of view

Haitong Securities: the recent market trend is basically triangular, and is about to face the choice of direction, because the monthly K line for two consecutive months have high fall on the shadow line, so the bottom area of the positive line, 2900 points of the first line of gain and loss has become particularly important. In terms of stocks, under the impact of the cooling of the blockchain and the fact that the three quarterly reports do not meet the expectations of individual stocks, the market risk preference has dropped significantly, but with the end of the disclosure of the third quarterly report, the market is expected to be alleviated to a certain extent. Operational strategy is still recommended that investors adjust a good state of mind, control the position, based on the patient layout of the coming year. Finally, investors should pay attention to the sharp decline in gains after the recent listing of new shares, combined with the rapid cooling of this round of blockchain speculation, it can be seen that in the fourth quarter, in the case of insufficient funds, subject matter speculation should be very cautious, from the perspective of the future development of the market, only from the performance will get more incremental capital attention.

Tianfeng Securities: the economy is still in a downward cycle, peer competition is intensifying in the process of destocking and insuring cash flow, and profit margins are declining in the third quarter. But individual companies can still benefit from downstream brand premiums and falling prices of upstream raw materials, which are concentrated in the consumer goods industry. The oligopoly of Internet application has given birth to a new business model, the Internet celebrity economy has brought about the rise of domestic cosmetics, the story of Meituan's super flow realization, and the trend of rapid growth of online education, all of which touch the hearts of investors. At the same time, the valuation of core assets in the previous phase has reached a high level driven by marginal capital from foreign capital, and towards the end of the year, some customers may shift their attention to lower valuation targets, such as banks, real estate, coal, and so on.

Shanxi Securities: CPI higher on the short-term policy interest rate downward constraints, from the medium-term factors, risk-free interest rate downside is limited, economic fundamentals are weak, the market does not have the basis for a sharp rebound. This week, the company's three-quarter report intensively released to the performance vacuum period of speculation funds broke a basin of cold water, will also once again trigger the market to examine the fundamentals of enterprises, the current valuation level of the market will be subject to the test of performance growth, the capital will also adjust the position and the allocation ratio of the industry. In terms of industry allocation, we suggest that we continue to overmatch and underestimate the steady growth of real estate, large infrastructure and building materials, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, which have a significant gap between supply and demand in the near future, and the non-silver sector (insurance) where the policy tilt is more obvious. Standard distribution of power, high-speed, express delivery, banking and other industries with higher certainty. Avoid food and beverage, home appliances, automobile plate.

Guoxin Securities said that in the current environment, the most significant structural market in the A-share market is dominated by consumption and science and technology. In the future, this general direction will not change. At the same time, some early due to exchange rate and other factors, so that the market expectations and stock price adjustment of more adequate varieties, there may also be opportunities for restoration.

Xiangcai Securities: how to go after the short-term labor pains of the block chain?

Today, the stock indexes of the two cities rose slightly at 10: 45 and closed again before the close of the afternoon. The stock index continued to fall in the afternoon. Hot spots: vitamins, biological vaccines, CDR, anticancer, generic drugs, gas heating, hotel catering, anti-influenza, genetic concepts and other sectors performed well; overall: the market today showed an adjustment of the market.

The index is not moving, but local plates and stocks fluctuate violently, which is the biggest feature of the structure. Why there is such a state, Xiangcai Securities Fan Bo has said many times before: China's economy must not be overall, more structural, and the continued increase in the size of A shares further reduces the opportunity for a centralized market, which is the fundamental reason why we continue to express the structural market.

With this basic logic, expectations for the market index to continue to soar or rise will naturally fall, and turn to the strategy of tapping potential industries, but if it is only a potential industry, this is only one dimension. another dimension is undervaluation, the industry is undervalued, individual stocks are undervalued, there will be better fermentation, and the market will perform better.

And for this week's blockchain plate, the huge bungee jumping let investors have a feeling from the sky to the ground, this has the news surface direct cooling factor, but in turn shows that the blockchain plate speculation initial stage is close to the reason, on the contrary, it is easier to get out of the fine water market, changed the previous policy after the continuous surge of the short market model, in fact, it is also a good thing.

A grand event for thousands of people in China's non-ferrous metal industry

Shanghai colored net (SMM) annual meeting is the annual event of the metal industry, with an annual participation scale of thousands of people, domestic and foreign metal industry people gathered together to review and summarize the experience and harvest of the year, and lay the groundwork for the production, operation and operation of the coming year.

This year's "2019 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual meeting and 2020 (SMM) Metal Price Forecast Conference" was jointly created by SMM and China Renewable Resources Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. At the same time, the first "China Renewable Metals Industry chain Development Summit Forum" was held, and SMM metal price forecasting conference and waste battery recycling exchange were set up for you to enjoy. From the development of non-ferrous metal market to the recycling of renewable resources, from the detailed explanation of policies and systems to the research and development of industrial chain technology.

This is not only a meeting, but also an industry exchange of information, collision thinking sparks of brainstorming!

"Click to sign up for SMM Annual meeting

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