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[stock market midday review] the two markets fluctuated lower and the Prev index fell 0.31%. The agriculture and aquaculture sector was active.
Oct 23,2019 12:11CST
By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2945.36 points, down 0.31 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9613.21 points, down 0.3 per cent, and the Chuang Index closed at 1662.54 points, down 0.26 per cent.
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SMM news: in early trading, the two markets weakened, the performance of the three major stock indexes are more declining. Aquaculture plate led the rise, pork stocks, block chain concept stocks rushed back down, garbage classification, gold concept stocks, domestic operating system plate plate change pull up. Capital wait-and-see sentiment was high, and individual stocks fell more or less. By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2945.36 points, down 0.31%; the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9613.21 points, down 0.3%; and the index closed at 1662.54 points, down 0.26%.

Abnormal review

Aquaculture plate opened high, good head of the opening limit, the League of Nations aquatic products rose 6%, Shengnong development, probiotics shares and so on.

Pork concept continued to pull up, Zhenjing shares, Guanghong holding rose by the limit one after another, probiotics shares, Zhengbang science and technology, new hope and so on have pulled up

The digital currency plate was active in early trading, Hanye shares and Sifang rose by the limit, wisdom shares rose by more than 6%, and Koda shares and Julong shares rose.

Garbage classification concept pulled up, Evergrande high-tech limit, Longma sanitation, Baiyang shares, Tianqi shares and so on.

The concept of gold rose, Jinzhou Cihang touchpad, Zhongrun resources rose more than 5%, Yuancheng gold, Ronghua industry, western gold, Hengbang shares rose

Securities plate weakened, Great Wall Securities, first Entrepreneurship, Guosheng Financial Control, Hualin Securities, Everbright Securities and other collective decline

The concept of liquor continued to decline, Shunxin agriculture fell 6%, Jinhui wine, today's fate, mouth cellar, Yingkai tribute wine and other collective weakness

Message surface

[point to introduce funds into the market through the three measures of the Social Security Fund and the Securities Regulatory Commission of Insurance Enterprises]

As an important task in the "Deep Reform 12", there is now a clearer path to guide more medium-and long-term funds into the market. According to a document issued by the CSRC on October 22, at a forum held on October 21 by Yi Huiman, chairman of the CSRC, responsible persons of social security funds and some insurance institutions, the meeting briefed on the relevant situation of comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market, and listened to opinions and suggestions on speeding up the reform of the capital market and guiding more medium-and long-term funds to enter the market. In this meeting, the CSRC proposed that it will gradually promote the promotion of the proportion of medium-and long-term funds into the market from three aspects. (Beijing Business Daily)

[regulators have spoken four times! Promote insurance funds to increase the proportion of equity assets investment in the hundreds of billions of funds waiting for the market]

According to insurance company sources, at present, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is studying the relevant detailed rules to increase the proportion of equity assets of insurance companies. Once the details fall to the ground, the insurance capital will be "increased" the level of equity asset allocation. Analysts believe that if the upper limit of insurance equity investment is raised to 40 per cent, it will bring an incremental capital of 700 billion-800 billion yuan to the A-share market. (China Securities News)

[the first batch of annual reports soared the stock list of the highest net profit growth of more than 8 times! These have been urgently raised in target prices]

Statistics show that there are nearly 50 stocks in advance of the 2019 full-year performance forecast. The type of performance forecast shows that there are 23 additional stocks and 8 pre-surplus stocks, accounting for nearly 70% of the announced performance forecast, and 6 and 7 stocks are expected to decline and lose money, respectively. according to the type of performance forecast, there are 23 additional stocks and 8 pre-surplus stocks, accounting for nearly 70% of the announced performance forecast. From the estimated median net profit, Haikang Weiwei, Mirui Medical, Lixun Precision and other stocks are expected to make a profit of more than 1 billion yuan, and more than 10 stocks, such as Xinyangfeng, Laizhi Group, and Shenzhou Information, are expected to make a profit of more than 100 million yuan. Of these, Haikang Wei TV pre-increased by 5% to 20%, according to the median net profit is expected to exceed 12.7 billion yuan in the first place. Merrill expects full-year net profit to be between 4.5 billion yuan and 4.8 billion yuan, up 20 to 30 per cent from a year earlier. In addition, Lixun Precision, Shengnong Development, Laureate Power and other stocks are expected to exceed 3 billion yuan in annual net profit. (data treasure)

Institutional point of view

Dongxing Securities said the core driving force in the market would return to earnings certainty. Capital and market sentiment will not improve significantly, there is not expected to be a general rally in the first quarter.

Haitong Securities believes that the current market volume, the market upward power is insufficient, but the selling pressure has also been very light, the market short-term lack of hot spots that can drive popularity, is still lack of a clear direction. From the index point of view, it is expected that the later stage of the market is likely to continue to fluctuate repeatedly at 3000 points for a period of time before making a choice of direction. At present, the global environment is becoming more and more severe, in this context, the central government's next decision-making and deployment policy is worth looking forward to. Among them, the modernization of national governance has received widespread attention, information and data is an important basis for modern governance, information to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity may become an important direction, it is suggested that investors can actively pay attention to high-quality enterprises in related fields.

Chuancai Securities said that in terms of liquidity, the short-term external environment is relatively loose, with the Federal Reserve likely to cut interest rates by a few points in October. This week, the central bank put in a net investment of 250 billion through reverse repo, but shibor interest rates continued to fluctuate upward. The central bank is still likely to maintain a reasonable abundance of liquidity in the short term. On the capital side of the stock market, the recent acceleration of IPO, especially the second batch of centralized listing of the Science and Technology Department, the short-term stock market liquidity is facing some pressure. In terms of industry configuration, under the stagflation environment, the main line of configuration in the fourth quarter turned to undervalued blue chips, such as big banks, real estate, must-choose consumption and other large financial and consumer undervalued sectors; growth is more of an adjusted layout opportunity, which is greatly affected by liquidity and performance expectations, and the sustainability of the current growth performance improvement remains to be seen.

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