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Summary of Automobile Battery Market on October 22nd of SMM
Oct 22,2019 17:41CST
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SMM October 22: Jiangxi dealers reflect the general demand of the automotive battery market, coupled with the decline in lead prices, the industry is more cautious on demand, at the same time, the battery price is weak, the current main model 6-QA-100Ah is 320 yuan / per, Sichuan dealers reflect that the automotive battery market is gradually entering the peak season, but because the pre-inventory has not yet been digested, superimposed lead prices are weak, dealers mainly digest inventory. The other main model 6-QW-45Ah is 160-170 yuan per person. Zhejiang manufacturers reflect the mediocre demand in the auto battery market, especially the decline in domestic lead prices and the decline in dealers' purchasing enthusiasm. At present, the factory operating rate is maintained at about 80%.


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