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[stock market midday review] trading between the two markets has remained volatile, the Prev index has fallen slightly, and Huawei concept stocks have led the way.
Oct 22,2019 11:45CST
By midday, the Prev closed at 2936.99 points, down 0.09 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9566.28 points, up 0.13 per cent, and the Chuang Index closed at 1650.96 points, up 0.39 per cent.
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SMM10 22: morning high opening of the two markets, Prev narrow volatility, the index once rose more than 1%. On the disk, voice technology plate led the rise, bank stocks weakened, Huawei Heath concept, digital currency, ETC, consumer electronics plate active, 5G plate rebound, VR plate collective pull up. On the whole, individual stocks rise and fall less, the market wait-and-see mood is higher. By midday, the Prev closed at 2936.99 points, down 0.09 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9566.28 points, up 0.13 per cent, and the Chuang Index closed at 1650.96 points, up 0.39 per cent.

Abnormal review

Pork plate active, Zhenjing shares rose by the limit, Tianbang shares rose more than 3%, Huatong shares, new Wufeng, Tang Renshen, Shuanghui development and so on.

Digital currency plate quickly pulled up, wisdom shares once approached the limit, Julong shares, Hanwei Science and Technology, Jingu shares, information development and so on.

The concept of ETC strengthened rapidly, Wanji science and technology rose by the limit, Hua Ming intelligence, Jinyi technology, Broadcom integration and so on.

Intelligent speaker plate pulled up, a total of electroacoustic up to the limit, Guoguang Electric Appliances, Lixun Precision, Walker, Endeavour Technology and so on.

Virtual reality plate pulled up rapidly, Yi Shang showed the limit, Palm shares then closed, star technology, Lianchuang Electronics and so on.

Bank stocks continued to weaken, Ping an Bank fell nearly 5%, Zijin Bank, Qingdao Bank, Ningbo Bank, Nanjing Bank followed by the decline

The gem index expanded to 1%, the Prev index rose nearly 0.1%, and the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.6%. Huawei industry chain, intelligent speakers, VR concept stocks perform strongly

Shanghai free trade zone plate pulled up and strengthened, Shanghai material trade rose 5%, Shanghai Lingang, Changlian shares, China Trade Logistics have pulled up.

The securities plate continued to fall, Tianfeng Securities closed down the limit, Great Wall Securities fell more than 8%, Huachuang Yangan, Hualin Securities and so on weakened one after another.

Message surface

[NDRC and Bureau of Energy agree to disqualify 24 pilot projects for incremental distribution business reform]

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau issued a circular on the 22nd, agreeing to cancel the pilot qualification for 24 pilot projects for incremental distribution business reform. According to the notice, as of 31 August 2019, of the 94 projects in the first batch of pilots (excluding 12 cancelled pilot projects), 92 had been identified as project owners, 25 had been completed and put into operation and 29 had begun construction.

[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: further opening up to foreign investment in telecommunications, Internet, automobile, etc.]

Introducing the development of the industrial communications industry in the first three quarters, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said: in the next step, we will thoroughly implement the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, establish and improve the coordination mechanism among industries, science, technology, and finance, and persist in combining the present with the long term, independent innovation with opening and cooperation, and the combination of top-level design with bottom-line thinking. We will vigorously promote the construction of an ecosystem for collaborative innovation in the industrial chain.

[the first batch of funds reported for three quarters: reducing warehousing and large consumption and increasing warehousing in agriculture, medicine and Huawei industry chain]

Huaxia, he Xu Zhiyuan, Huabao and other fund companies today took the lead in disclosing the three quarterly reports of 2019. From the fund managers in the third quarter of the trading path, mainly reduced the previous increase in consumption and agriculture plate, increased holdings of pharmaceuticals and Huawei industrial chain stocks.

According to the Shanghai Securities News on October 22, in the third quarter of this year, Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye and other consumer leading stocks continued to rise. From the operation of public funds, many fund managers have taken advantage of the sharp rise in stock prices.

Institutional point of view

Lianxun Securities said that there will not be a substantial adjustment in the market, and there is no need to be too pessimistic. The Shanghai Composite Index is supported in the 2870-2900 area. Once the steady growth policy has a slight boost, it will not be difficult for the stock index to rise above 3200. The gem is expected to dominate for some time to come: first, the performance forecast of the three quarterly reports shows that the growth rate of gem performance has rebounded significantly; second, the release of new restructuring regulations, allow high-tech industries and strategic emerging industry-related assets in line with the national strategy to be reorganized and listed on the gem.

Haitong Securities: yesterday, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets continued last week's weak trend, opened a pullback in early trading, the Prev index once reached near the 60-day line and opened a rebound and turned red at the end of the day, coupled with the protective role of financial, real estate and other heavyweight stocks, the index continues to have limited downward space in the short term. However, from the recent trend, the market after the National Day to rely on the financial, science and technology plate, Prev once approached 3050 points high, but then began to adjust the situation. Last week, it was said that the index affected by the upper pressure is expected to continue to adjust around 2980-3040 points. At present, the adjustment is more than expected, fortunately, the support below is also stable, and there is no greater panic in the market. Only due to changes in the domestic and foreign environment and market factors led to relatively light trading, investors' short-term risk appetite decreased, while the market is still in the box, the overall trend has not changed, investors do not have to panic. We can wait until the fourth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the third quarter Politburo meeting at the end of October to find new growth points.

Everbright Securities: communications, electronics-related industries continue to improve, the three quarterly results improved significantly, the recent substantial adjustment can continue to increase; at the same time, standard performance certainty of food and beverage, medicine and banking, maintain the fundamentals is expected to bottom rebound of the automotive industry configuration; focus on infrastructure in the cycle.

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