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[stock market midday review] the market index maintained volatile tobacco, the second child plate rose by the top.
Oct 18,2019 12:56CST
By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2959.76 points, down 0.59 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9603.88 points, down 0.43 per cent, and the index closed at 1659.24 points, up 0.06 per cent.
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SMM10 18: early trading three major stock indexes opened higher, the index shock rose 1%, the Prev index to maintain the consolidation pattern. Second child, tobacco plate led the rise of the two cities, followed by banks, pork plate has varying degrees of pull up. On the whole, although the performance of the subject matter concept is still relatively low, the trading volume is reduced slightly, but the money-making effect has been strengthened. Near the end of the morning, the three major stock indexes rushed higher and fell back, Prev Index, Shenzhen Composite Index down the green index gains narrowed, the market still continues to shrink. On the disk, stocks rose and fell half each other, Science and Technology Innovation Board stocks performed brightly, brokerage stocks dived slightly, market sentiment cooled, and the money-making effect became worse. By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2959.76 points, down 0.59 per cent, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9603.88 points, down 0.43 per cent, and the index closed at 1659.24 points, up 0.06 per cent.

Abnormal review

Liquor concept fell sharply, alcoholic wine fell by the limit, performance was lower than expected, welcome tribute wine, golden emblem wine, willing to wine industry and so on have weakened one after another

Banking sector pulled up, Citic Bank rose more than 3%, Ping an Bank, Everbright Bank, Bank of Beijing, Jiangsu Bank and other collective higher

Food processing manufacturing plate strengthened, negotiate food, gold word ham rose by the limit, Cody Dairy, Canada Food and so on rose one after another.

The concept of second child rose rapidly, Bangbao Yizhi rose by the limit, Xinghui Entertainment rose more than 7%, Meisheng Culture, Camellia shares and so on rose.

Environmental protection projects strengthened, agricultural environment, Botian environment, Shuangliang energy saving and other stocks rose one after another, followed by Central Environmental Protection and Dechuang Environmental Protection.

Pork plate pulled up, Muyuan shares rose 5%, Tianbang shares, Aonong biology, Tiankang biology and so on rose

Glass manufacturing concept strengthened, Luoyang glass sealing plate, Hong Kong stocks once rose more than 20%, King Kong Glass, South Glass A, Jinjing Technology and so on.

Science and Technology Innovation Board was strong today, with stocks floating red across the board, Fangbang shares up 13%, cardio medicine up 8%, Nanwei medicine, Lexin technology and so on.

The concept of digital currency continued to weaken, Omar Appliances approached the limit, Julong shares, Hengbao shares, Zhongying Interconnection, Huijin shares and other collective decline

Natural gas plate quickly pulled up, Jinhong holding touch plate, Xinjiang torch, Guizhou gas, Dongfang Huanyu and so on.

Message surface

[release of a series of policies to promote industrial development in Lingang New area to build world frontier industrial clusters]

The Lingang New area has issued a number of policies for promoting Industrial Development, which focuses on breaking through key core technologies and products, building and improving industrial capacity, building independent innovation capacity, and building industrial innovation environment. The Lingang New area will support key core technology R & D projects in the region, support major technical equipment or core components to achieve first breakthroughs, support the procurement of R & D and manufacturing products and services of enterprises in the region, support the construction of strategic emerging industrial projects, support enterprises to promote intelligent construction, support enterprises to promote technological transformation, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and so on.

[China's GDP grew 6% year-on-year in the third quarter before 6.2% expected 6.1%]

China's GDP grew 6 per cent in the third quarter from a year earlier, up from 6.2 per cent and expected to be 6.1 per cent.

[EU summit approves new Brexit agreement]

The leaders of the 27 member states of the European Union (EU), except Britain, unanimously passed a resolution on the 17th to support the latest "Brexit" agreement reached between the European Commission and the British government on the same day. (Xinhua News Agency)

Institutional point of view

Guoyuan Securities said that the structural market can focus on technology and consumption as the representative of the high-profile plate opportunities. From the perspective of investment opportunities, can be combined with the three quarterly reports, choose performance improvement, short-term high-profile market sectors, such as science and technology, consumer sectors. From the hot point of view of the market, we can pay attention to high-end science and technology plate, focus on subdividing the qualitative core theme of the field, such as domestic substitution.

Tianfeng Securities: October is the three-quarter verification period, observe the policy effect of the window period, the main contradiction in the market began to switch, the stock price is driven by performance expectations. Therefore, in the case of no clear improvement in the fundamentals, the main configuration ideas or pay attention to defense, counter-cyclical. On the industry side, focus on undervalued, well-expected banks, real estate and consumer white horses. Pay attention to the adjustment risk of technology stocks in the fourth quarter, as market expectations for technology stocks are relatively high, and some stocks have overdrawn next year's results. In the medium to long term, the science and technology investment trend driven by 5G has only just begun, and it is estimated that it will continue to deepen from the front-end equipment to the 5G application level, and will focus on exploring investment opportunities from 5G applications in the future.

Shanxi Securities: investors should pay attention to the style of the market, the market has begun to change from offensive style to defensive style. There are three reasons: first, with the successive announcement of the three quarterly reports, the valuation of many early hot stocks is too high, and then the offensive risk is too high; second, although the index has limited gains this year, there are good structural prices in different stages. From January to April, the market rose, April to June was big consumption and food and beverage, technology stocks started in June, and technology stocks continued to rise in August. From the performance announced by the public offering funds in the third quarter, the vast majority of funds have achieved positive returns, and many funds have a high rate of return. In the case of high offensive risk, the operating style of institutional investors will be conservative. Third, there are still many undervalued plates, stable performance and technical overfall, can be used as a defensive plate configuration.

Looking forward to the future, the plate can continue to pay attention to cement, real estate and electricity, banks and other defensive plates. In the case of stock exchange in the short term, the index or wide shock, the degree of fluctuation is greater, but the defensive plate is relatively stable. The rising market of consumption and technology is gradually receding, and it is more difficult for individual stocks to choose, but stocks with reasonable valuations still have investment value. Pure subject matter hype difficulty increases, short-term operation difficulty increases.

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