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[quarterly report] Q1 Manganese Mine output increased by 10% in South32:2020 fiscal year, manganese alloy sales fell by 29%.
Oct 17,2019 16:30CST
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SMM News: recently, South32 released its third quarter results, the announcement shows that the company with low cost, flexible mode of operation to maintain high manganese ore productivity, and after approval to start drilling in the southern part of GEMCO. Graham Kerr, chief executive of South32, said, "We have maintained annual production guidance for all businesses, including a good start to the alumina refinery, with Ilawala increasing production of metallurgical coal by 30 per cent and manganese ore by 10 per cent at the start of the year. As macro conditions create resistance to our major commodities, we remain focused on driving the cost and operational performance of the entire product portfolio. We are still expected to finalize Seriti Resources's offer for the South African energy and coal business next quarter, an important milestone in the divestiture process and another step towards reshaping our portfolio. "

Australian Manganese Department


The amount of manganese ore available for sale in Australia rose 21 per cent (or 150 wet kilotons) to 868 wet kilotons in the first quarter of fiscal 2020. As the impact of the heavy rain receded last quarter, the utilization rate of the primary circuit increased. The operating capacity of the high quality concentrate (PC02) circuit is about 120% of its designed production capacity, as we continue to take advantage of favorable market conditions, the company's low-cost PC02 fine powder products account for 11% of the total output. Although the company continues to monitor market conditions and the potential impact of the rainy season for the rest of the fiscal year, production guidance for fiscal year 20 remained at 3560 wet kilotons.

Manganese alloy saleable production fell by 30% (or 12 kilotons) to 28 kilotons in the September quarter of 2019 because one of the four furnaces was offline.

Manganese sector of South Africa


In the first quarter of fiscal 2020, due to the planned maintenance closure of the company's upscale underground Wessels mine, the production of manganese ore available for sale fell by 4 per cent (or 25 wet kilotons) to 547 wet kilotons.

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