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[stock market midday review] A-share three major stock indexes maintain volatility digital currency concept stock hot spots continue
Oct 17,2019 11:58CST
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SMM10 17: early trading three major stock index high, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and other early hot concepts of early correction, fuel cell, natural gas, e-sports and other plates have pulled up, the subject matter concept performance significantly improved, the index shock upward. Overall, market sentiment has picked up compared with yesterday, individual stocks rose and fell less. Near the close of the morning, the three major indexes showed a contraction amplitude shock pattern, the second child concept once pulled up, the pork plate strengthened again. Wait and see the mood rises, the market fry board rate rises slightly, the profit effect is poor. By midday, the Shanghai index closed at 2978.85 points, the Shenzhen Composite index closed at 9659.73 points, up 0.18 per cent, and the index closed at 1658.83 points, up 0.15 per cent.

Abnormal review

Fuel cell plate quickly pulled up, Hou Pu shares straight line seal board, Jinhong Holdings, CLP Xingfa, Furet suit and so on.

The concept of cultural media strengthened, Berry spread straight up the limit, Agnes earlier sealed the board, wisdom shares, Jinke culture and so on.

Intelligent medical concept is active, Yanhua intelligent pull up the cover board, Wanma science and technology, digital government, Wanda information and so on.

Digital China plate strengthened, Hengfeng information rose by the limit, Booz Software, Yi Hualu, Taiji shares all pulled up

Digital currency plate strengthened, wisdom shares rose by the limit, Julong shares rose more than 8%, Hengbao shares, Ranko Technology, Meisheng Culture and so on rose.

Pork plate quickly pulled up, Dakang agriculture straight line pulled up close to the limit, Zhenjing shares, Shuanghui development, Hefeng animal husbandry, Tianbang shares and other collective strength

The concept of second child rose, Bangbao Yizhi rose by the limit, Meisheng culture, Beinmei, blond rabbi and so on.

Message surface

[central bank: central bank bill swap (CBS) operation will be launched on the 17th]

In order to improve the market liquidity of bank sustainable bonds and support banks to issue sustainable bonds to replenish capital, the people's Bank of China will launch the fifth central bank bill swap (CBS) operation in 2019 on Thursday, October 17, 2019. The current period operation volume is 6 billion yuan, the term is 3 months, carries on the fixed rate quantity tender to the open market business primary dealer, the rate is 0.10%, the first settlement date is October 17, 2019, the expiration date is January 17, 2020 (deferred in the event of holidays).

[Ministry of Agriculture and villages: in the short term, pork market supply is still tight and fruit prices are expected to be lower than in the same period last year before the end of the year]

Ministry of Agriculture and Countryside: it is expected that in the fourth quarter, the decline in pig production capacity in China will be improved, but in the short term, the pork market supply is still tight, and pork prices are expected to maintain a high trend before the Spring Festival. However, with the gradual increase in the supply of stock frozen meat, poultry and other animal products, the supply of animal products is generally guaranteed. Tang Ke, director of the Department of Marketing and Informatization of the Ministry of Agriculture and villages, said in an interview with reporters that this year's fruit prices are "high before and low after", showing such an obvious feature. In the first half of the year, due to the influence of the cold spring in the main producing areas, the production of apples and pears decreased more, so the supply of fruit market was tight and the price continued to rise, which aroused widespread concern in the society.

[the latest tone of the standing Committee of the State Council! Annual tax reduction and fee reduction of more than $2 trillion attach great importance to the utilization of foreign capital to look at the top 10 key points]

The latest meeting of the standing Committee of the State Council has set the tone for policy arrangements in two key areas. Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on 16 October to listen to a report on the implementation of this year's policy of reducing taxes and fees, demanding that the burden of enterprises be reduced and the energy for development be increased, and that the work of utilizing foreign capital be further done in a better business environment. (brokerage China)

Institutional point of view

Shanxi Securities said that looking forward to the future, the index to maintain the concussion trend of the probability is higher. In the follow-up, if the performance of the hot stocks in the early stage is significantly lower than expected, the market style will shift from offensive to defensive, swapping stocks for stocks in the case of index or wide volatility. At the same time, the technology and consumer sectors still have opportunities, but need to select stocks rather than plate rally, benchmark stocks down because the valuation is too high rather than poor performance, the valuation of reasonable stocks still have investment value. Plate, cement, electricity and other defensive plates can continue to pay attention to.

Zhongyuan Securities: after the Prev index rose 3026 points on the 10th and 14th, it shrank for two days in a row. The funds that followed the trend were obviously insufficient, and the market as a whole was still more cautious. The recent release of macroeconomic data for September shows that the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still not small, and regulators are expected to continue to step out of Taiwan in the future to boost the economy. Investors still need to pay close attention to the three quarterly reports of listed companies in the future. It is expected that the Prev short-term continues to fluctuate around 3000 points is likely to be larger, gem short-term around 1650 points around the possibility of a small collation. We recommend that investors wait and see for the short term, while the middle line proposes to continue to pay attention to investment opportunities for some undervalued blue chips.

Huafu Securities: on Wednesday, the stock index opened slightly high and then rushed back down and down. From the perspective of the disk, the concept plate, which is mainly based on environmental protection, real estate and biomedicine, led the two cities, while the rest of the plate fell more or less, trading volume shrank, and market sentiment was relatively depressed. From the technical analysis, the stock index to fill the gap below, continue to release risk time-sharing indicators, due to short-term adjustment is more adequate, the overall downside space is limited, predict that the short-term is expected to stabilize, it is suggested that the overall control of the warehouse, the appropriate position can be low absorption layout. The third quarter report continues to disclose, ask investors to be cautious in the hands of individual stocks, to avoid pre-loss, pre-reduction of individual stocks. In short, adhere to the principle of matching performance and valuation, looking for market certainty opportunities.

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