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Typhoon in Japan causes damage to several semiconductor plants and the resumption time is unpredictable

iconOct 16, 2019 14:14
The typhoon in Japan has flooded a number of semiconductor manufacturers and shut down work one after another.

SMM: October 16, Japan Typhoon has caused a number of semiconductor manufacturers have been flooded, have shut down.

Typhoon Haibeth No. 19 hit Japan, bringing record-breaking torrential rain, causing a number of rivers to break their banks and flooding, resulting in flooding and shutdown of the factories of a number of Japanese enterprises. Among them, the "Prefecture Mountain Central Industrial Park", located in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, has shut down factories of Japanese enterprises with production strongholds in the park because of the flooding of the nearby Awoo River, which has caused extensive flooding in the park. A total of about 150 enterprises have been stationed in the County and Mountain Central Industrial Park.

Comprehensive Japanese media reported on the 15th and 16th that Panasonic's Koriyama factory in the "Prefecture Mountain Central Industrial Park" was forced to shut down because of the flooding of the Awoo River. The county mountain plant produces printed circuit board (PCB) materials with flooding heights of up to about 1 meter, and it is not possible to predict when work will resume.

"the disaster is still being confirmed and it is not clear at this stage whether it is necessary to use other strongholds for alternative production," a Panasonic spokesman said.

Hitachi production Institute (Hitachi) Group Hitachi IE Systems located in the industrial park, the county mountain business, which produces intelligence and communication machines, has also been shut down because of damage to flooded equipment at the plant, and it is still not known when work will resume.

Japanese connector giant Hiroase Motor (Hirose Electric) announced on the 15th that the Koriyama Hiroase Motor plant, a subsidiary of Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, which produces multipole connectors, was affected by the flooding of Awu Kawagawa, causing some factories to be flooded and shut down. Hirose said the plant had now begun to resume work.

A subsidiary of (Taiyo Yuden) in Ida, Fukushima prefecture, is expected to shut down for up to a week because of flooding, the Nikkei Shimbun reported on the 14th. The stock of inductive (inductor), used in smartphones and cars at the factory is unknown.

Alpine Alps, a major auto parts factory, is located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and its subsidiary plant, which produces audio machines such as car loudspeakers, is also shut down because of flooding and a continuous water and power outage, so depending on the recovery of infrastructure, the shutdown time is likely to reach more than 10 days.

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