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Competition in the second half of the zinc oxide industry is much fiercer than in the first half
Oct 10,2019 19:14CST
At present, the domestic zinc oxide industry has a serious overcapacity, with an average operating rate of 60%-65%. The order and standardization of inter-industry competition still need to be solved and improved, the industry is facing severe environmental pressure, automobile production and marketing data are not good, Sino-US trade war continues to ferment, terminal single continues to weaken, all the way down, market competition is becoming more and more intense, far from over.
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After the implementation of the new national standard, but also experienced the environmental storm, the zinc oxide industry seems to usher in the second half of the challenge.

In the first half of the year, the high price of zinc fell back, but the falling trend of zinc slag of zinc oxide raw material lagged behind, and the price was still high. How should zinc oxide enterprises seek better development?

Although it is impossible to predict what kind of competition we will face in the second half, we seem to be able to sit down and explore the opportunities and challenges of the zinc oxide industry together and look forward to the road of follow-up development!

The competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the development of enterprises is in trouble.

Poor data on automobile production and sales

The Sino-US Trade War continues to ferment

There is no difference in products, and the competition is fierce.

Scattered upstream and downstream, long circulation chain and high cost


So, where should the development of zinc oxide enterprises go?

Indeed, there are some problems in the development of zinc oxide industry. When we face these difficulties and bottlenecks, we must clarify our thinking, change our ideas and keep pace with the times. As zinc oxide enterprises and industry colleagues, green chemical industry, essential safety, leading technology, management norms, integration with the social and economic development environment, consistent with the legal system, is the source of the development of the industry.

At the China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit, downstream enterprises such as polyrubber tires, ceramic glazes, feed, varistors, magnetic materials, catalysts, phosphating solution, zinc stearate, and so on, can jointly explore the development and potential demand of the downstream market of zinc oxide, and enjoy zero distance communication and cooperation with buyers!

When we talk about zinc, what exactly are we focusing on?

As a member of the zinc industry, when we pay attention to the dynamics of the zinc industry, what exactly are we paying attention to?

Economic prospects, recovery, output, inventory. When it comes to zinc, we have a lot of data, but in the end, we're all talking about one thing: the trend of zinc prices.

Yesterday, the US reported a lower-than-expected monthly rate of growth in wholesale sales in August, and a series of economic data, including 7.051 million JOLTS vacancies in August, showed that the economic outlook had darkened, affecting the trend of zinc prices.

SMM exclusive survey data, in-depth analysis of the future trend of zinc prices and zinc oxide raw materials and downstream market consumption, zinc prices are expected to be 18800 yuan-19000 yuan / ton, but it is difficult to break through the Wanjiu barrier.

There were many challenges in the second half, and the market risk was difficult to guard against.

Compared with the situation of the industry a few years ago, the competition in the zinc oxide industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the market risk is gradually rising, so the zinc oxide enterprises have higher requirements for the prevention of market risk.

The financial derivatives developed by SMM is also a hedging strategy and risk management tool tailored for enterprises. It not only helps enterprises to further strengthen market management, to a certain extent, but also to achieve effective prevention of market risks.

At that time, Shanghai Nonferrous Network sincerely invites you to gather the "2019 (Seventh) China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit" in October. From the perspective of industrial environmental protection policy, supply and demand market, price trend, macro environment, technological innovation, hedging and so on, in-depth discussion of the opportunities and challenges of the zinc oxide industry.

In addition, at the meeting, we jointly launched a brainstorming session on the theme of "Zinc Challenge, Zinc thinking, Zinc Development" to discuss how the zinc oxide industry can find a way out among the thorns!

More senior experts interpret the evolution of Sino-US trade disputes after the G20 summit, taking you an overview of the international trade situation and the trend of the global economy in 2020!

We look forward to you.


2019 (Seventh) China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit

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