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[stock market review] the collective rise of the index in the two cities, the index rose 2.8%, and all the subject stocks broke out.
Oct 10,2019 16:56CST
By the end of the day, the Prev index was up 0.78% at 2947.71 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 1.38% at 9638.10 points, and the Chuang Index was up 2.75% at 1666.97 points. The figures show a total net inflow of $136 million to the north. Of this total, Shanghai shares had a net inflow of 157 million yuan, and Shenzhen shares had a net outflow of 21 million yuan.
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SMM10 month 10: the opening of the two markets varied, Prev, Shenzhen Composite Index has turned red, the index rose more than 1%. On the disk, lithium battery plate open active, digital currency, port shipping, performance pre-increase plate performance strong, liquor concept stocks weakened, brokerage stocks pulled up, consumer electronics, 5G plate active, pork stocks continued to rebound trend, civil aviation plate pulled up before noon. In the afternoon, the two cities rose steadily, digital currency, port shipping, aviation plate continued to strengthen, venture capital concept, ophthalmology concept stock market pull up, stimulated by the news, dairy plate change pull up. On the whole, the market money-making effect is better, individual stocks rise and fall less.

By the end of the day, the Prev index was up 0.78% at 2947.71 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 1.38% at 9638.10 points, and the Chuang Index was up 2.75% at 1666.97 points. The figures show a total net inflow of $136 million to the north. Of this total, Shanghai shares had a net inflow of 157 million yuan, and Shenzhen shares had a net outflow of 21 million yuan.

Plates and individual stocks

Digital currency plate led the rise of the two cities, as of the close, Julong shares, Feitian integrity, Lanco technology and other stocks rose by the limit, Golden Crown shares, the public should be interconnected, digital certification and other stocks led the rise.

Abnormal review

Lithium battery plate opened high, snow Wright rose by the limit, Weihua shares rose 7%, Tianhua super pure, Rongbai technology, Jiuwu high technology and other collective high open

The digital currency plate rose rapidly, Koda shares rose by the limit, Hengbao shares, Langke Science and Technology, and Hailian Jinhui rose sharply.

The concept of shipping is strong, investment ships rise by the limit, Ningbo shipping, COSCO Haineng, Kele science and technology, and so on.

The concept of pre-increase in the third quarterly report rose and stopped, and many shares, such as Baoding Science and Technology, Tianshun shares, Skyworth figures, Daijin heavy Industry, Han Cable shares, and so on, rose by a collective limit.

Consumer electronics plate strengthened, Lance science and technology, Xinwei communication closed the limit, Shuobeid, ITU technology and so on rose more than 5%

Science and Technology Innovation Board stocks strengthened collectively, 33 stocks rose across the board, and Nanwei medicine rose more than 10% at one point, the stock price hit a new high since listing

Airport shipping plate pulled up, Huaxia Airlines rose 6%, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Shanghai Airport, Eastern Airlines rose

Aquaculture sector strengthened, Muyuan shares and probiotics shares rose more than 8%, New Hope, Tiankang Biology and so on followed.

Venture capital concept stocks rose, general production beauty star straight up 8%, Minfeng special paper, Guangyang shares, city north high-tech and other rapid rise

Dairy plate pulled up, Cody dairy rose by the limit, new dairy, manor pasture, McGill and other small increases

Message surface

[Li Keqiang: vigorously develop Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry and Circular economy]

The closing ceremony of the World Horticultural Expo in Beijing, China, was held in Yanqing, Beijing, on the evening of October 9. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. Li Keqiang pointed out: we will speed up the transformation of the mode of development, continuously promote green development, optimize the economic structure, speed up the cultivation of new momentum, vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries and circular economy, and advocate green and low-carbon consumption. We will strive to promote green benefits to the people, resolutely do a good job in the battle for pollution prevention and control, and promote the construction of the living environment and the protection and restoration of important ecosystems, so that the people can enjoy a beautiful and livable environment.

[MSCI: Science and Technology Innovation Board eligible securities will be included in the global investable market index from November]

Mingsheng (MSCI) announced that from November 2019, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board eligible securities will be included in the MSCI global investable market index (GIMI). (first Finance and Economics)

[Yi Hui Man: make every effort to promote the Reform and Development of Shenzhen Capital Market]

From October 8 to 9, Yi Huiman, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, came to conduct in-depth research. On the morning of the 9th, Municipal Party Secretary Wang Weizhong met with Yi Huiman and his party. Yi Huiman said: at present, the CSRC is conscientiously implementing the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and deepening the work of comprehensively deepening the reform of the capital market. Next, the CSRC will further improve its political position, focus on the demand for the construction of pilot demonstration zones, plan and highlight the key points as a whole, implement and grasp the nodes step by step, and make every effort to promote the reform and development of the capital market in Shenzhen. we will achieve phased results as soon as possible and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the capital market in serving the real economy. (Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Daily)

[the CBRC carries out the work of rectifying the chaos caused by banking and insurance institutions infringing upon the rights and interests of consumers]

The General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a circular on the 10th to rectify the chaos of bank and insurance institutions infringing upon the rights and interests of consumers. The focus of the rectification of the chaos of infringing upon the rights and interests of consumers is to standardize business behavior and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to take the "guiding opinions on strengthening the Protection of the Rights and interests of Financial consumers" as the basis, and to take the relevant laws and regulations as the yardstick to investigate the outstanding problems existing in this organization, the unit and the region. (Securities Times)

[debut of the first three seasons! Don't be disappointed that there are more "hard vegetables" to be served this week.]

There seems to be no surprise in the two three-season papers, but there will be "pretty girls" in the back soon. This week, there are five other listed companies disclosed three quarterly reports, respectively, Xu Ji Electric, Qi Xiangtenda, Tuowei Information, Quantong Education, Muyuan shares. Among them, three companies have disclosed performance forecasts, and Muyuan shares are expected to increase the most. The company expects net profit for the first three quarters to be 1.3 billion yuan to 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of 271.23% to 328.34%, and Xu Jijie's estimated net profit to be 256 million yuan to 290 million yuan, an increase of 65% to 86.45%. (China Securities News)

[Fed minutes: downside risks in the US economy increase Market expectations for interest rate cuts too much]

The minutes of the September meeting released by the Federal Reserve on Oct. 9, local time, showed that (FOMC) members of the Open Market Committee had expressed their concern that market expectations for the Fed's rate cut exceeded the Fed's original plan. (paper.cn News)

Institutional point of view

Anxin Securities said that the short-term market could consider a further return to fundamentals after risk appetite cooling, such as the direction of three quarters of high performance, appropriate avoidance of pure high-risk preference driven by the recent big gains. The industry focuses on brokerage, medicine, electronics, automobile, wind power and so on, and the theme suggests that we should pay attention to independent control, state-owned enterprise reform and so on.

Founder Securities pointed out that in the second half of the year, the policy margin of the pharmaceutical industry has improved, and it is expected that the third quarterly results of the core companies will continue to maintain a high growth trend. We believe that the pharmaceutical industry may officially open investment opportunities for valuation switching in October. In the medium to long term, the following four core assets may continue to be the best investments in the pharmaceutical industry. (1) Pharmaceutical consumption and medical services with good long-term logic and sustained high growth in performance. (2) Medical devices that benefit from hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and technological upgrading. (3) CRO&CDMO Company, which benefits from the creation of the board and the trend of the industry continues to improve. (4) in the research product line is rich, adhere to the innovation of pharmaceutical enterprises. In addition, the retail drugstore industry and the blood products industry also have better investment opportunities.

Northeast Securities pointed out that technology stocks after a period of adjustment, most stocks have varying degrees of decline, including poor performance, weak competitiveness of fake technology stocks, but also the wrong high-quality companies. With the re-outbreak of the blockchain plate, technology stocks seem to have signs of stability, but need to be combined with the three quarterly reports to make a choice, as far as possible to avoid following the trend of pseudo-technology, looking for the adjustment of anti-falling high-quality hard nuclear technology stocks. As the big news is about to materialize, the market mentality tends to wait and see, but I believe that the final news, good or bad, will cause the market to end the current market temporarily. After all, only when the stone really falls to the ground can short-term funds dare to participate again. And we can only wait patiently for that moment to come. From the midline point of view, technology and consumer stocks will still have structural opportunities in the future, combined with the landing of the three quarterly reports to explore new opportunities is one of the more important work at present.

Galaxy Securities said that on the whole, the market in October may be in a volatile pattern, the fundamental situation determines the market trend, the need to close the situation of the three quarterly reports of enterprises, the investment strategy is mainly defensive, it is suggested to pay attention to banks, food and beverages, medicine, power equipment and other sectors with strong performance certainty. In the medium to long term, policies such as asset restructuring and deepening capital market reform may gradually fall to the ground, so as to promote the long-term development of the A-share market. Superimposed counter-cyclical regulation and control policy to support the bottom, still optimistic about the long-term investment value of the A-share market. In the aspect of long-term configuration, the configuration proposal is still the main line of growth, finance and consumption as the bottom warehouse, and the leading enterprises are optimized within the industry.

Haitong Securities: the initial turning and running potential has not yet been completed

Drawing lessons from history, near the 2733 points of the Shanghai Composite Index is the starting point of the second rally in the bull market. Under the interference of the outer plate decline and other factors, the initial turning back run has not yet been completed. The main rising wave acceleration needs to confirm the fundamentals or policy orientation, and track the fundamental data and policy trends in the second half of the fourth quarter.

It is expected that from November to the end of the year, it is expected to see the stabilization of fundamentals gradually confirmed, the policy side of further force, the bull market second wave of the main wave will accelerate upward. The acceleration is often driven by undervalued banks, with the end of the year and the beginning of the year as a window, and technology and brokerages are better in the medium term.

Lianxun Securities: the allocation value of bullish Gold in the medium and long term

During the National Day holiday, the sharp fluctuation of overseas markets restricts the market risk preference to a certain extent. Considering the obvious profit-taking of funds before the festival, or digesting some of the negative factors of the holiday in advance, there is little room for the index to fall. In addition, October is the traditional month of tax payment, the scale of lifting the ban is also higher during the year, the tax period disturbance and lifting pressure increases, if there is no interest rate reduction or open market operation and other tools to hedge, the capital side may be under pressure.

Counter-cyclical policy follow-up, financial, infrastructure chain there are supplementary expectations. In the environment of downward market interest rates, rising pressure on the depreciation of the US dollar and increasing global risk factors, we are bullish on the allocation value of gold in the medium to long term.

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