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[market Express] Lun Copper fell 1.39%. Lunxi rose 2.7%.
Oct 1,2019 20:29CST
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SMM10, January 1: copper for LME futures continued to fall in night trading, falling 1.39% to $5632 / ton as of 20:24; Lun Zinc fell 1.06% to $2338 / ton; Lun lead fell 0.84% to $2113 / ton; Lunxi rose 2.7% to $16330 / ton; Lun aluminum rose 0.2% to $1722 / ton; Lunni rose 0.18% to $17150 / ton.

The continued rise in the dollar put pressure on the metals market, especially copper, which is financially strong, hitting a high of 99.603 since May 12, 2017.

Chile's copper production rose 11 per cent to 517902 tonnes in August from a year earlier, according to data released on Monday.

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