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Additional tariffs on US aluminium scrap to limitedly impact the market
smm insight
Aug 27,2019

SHANGHAI, Aug 27 (SMM) – The latest tariff hike on US aluminium scrap is expected to have little impact on the market, as previous heavy duties have already driven American aluminium scrap to enter China just via processing trade since October 2018, SMM believes.

China will impose an extra 5% tariff on imports of aluminium scrap from the US from December 15, which will bring the total levy to 55%. China’s tariffs hit US aluminium scrap twice in 2018, with an initial 25% in April and the other 25% in August.

Imports via processing trade could avoid the tariffs.

Customs data showed that China imported 143,000 mt of aluminium scrap in July, down 21.5% from June but up 17.9% from July 2018.  

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