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India imposes countervailing tariffs on Chinese welded stainless steel pipes/tubes
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Aug 14,2019

SHANGHAI, Aug 14 (SMM) – Chinese welded stainless steel pipes and tubes are now subject to countervailing duties of 21.74%-29.88% before entering India, according to the statement by India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The tariffs, effective for five years from July 31, resulted from investigations over alleged subsidised production and export of the products.

India has also slapped countervailing duties of 10.33%-11.96% on such materials from Vietnam.

The HS codes for the affected welded stainless steel pipes and tubes are: 73064000, 73066100, 73066900, 73061100 and 73062100.

China exported 1.42 million mt of welded stainless steel pipes and tubes in 2018, and 6% entered India.

China’s exports of such materials came in at 710,000 mt in the first half of 2019, and those that flowed to India accounted for about 6%.

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