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July 31 Shanghai copper spot market KuaiBao
Jul 31,2019 11:47CST
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SMM July 31st news: today, Shanghai electrolytic copper spot on the current month contract rising water 10 ~ water 70 yuan / ton, flat water copper transaction price 46800 yuan / ton ~ 46850 yuan / ton, rising water copper transaction price 46840 yuan / ton ~ 46880 yuan / ton. Overnight copper fell all the way to a low of US $5938 per ton. Shanghai copper jumped as low as 46780 yuan per ton. Today, copper prices were sorted out in a narrow range around 46800 yuan per ton. Spot early continue yesterday's quotation 20 to 60 yuan / ton, in the morning market, there are a large number of large traders to ship 10 yuan / ton of flat water copper, so attract some traders to take the initiative to receive goods at low prices, then flat water copper stable in the rising water 30 yuan / ton or so; the holder persistent firm quotation, good copper was raised around 70 yuan / ton; wet copper following the market small upward quotation, the lower reaches of the bargain to buy more. Copper futures fell sharply, attracting the market to buy, the transaction has improved slightly from the previous two days, and will enter August tomorrow, if the capital is abundant, it will prompt the rising water to rise further.

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