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[notice] A series of metal industry gatherings are about to start making metals must enter these circles!
Jul 30,2019 06:00CST
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Time flies, more than halfway through 2019, and although the market expects us to face Sino-US trade frictions and multiple resistance in 2019 at the end of 2018, the metals industry is still generally moving forward. Looking ahead, the market view is mixed with joys and sorrows, and in any case, China's self-help measures have never stopped. The property and car markets have retreated this year, but China has made a variety of policies to stimulate consumption, has also made rare efforts to reduce fees and taxes, and infrastructure to make up for shortcomings has also been put on the agenda. Some analysts believe that the economy is at the bottom. What is the future economic situation, how supply and demand swing, how much room for survival of the industry, how prices fluctuate.

Next, some industry summits of SMM come one after another, infiltrating the subdivision areas of the industrial chain, and have a more microscopic insight into the dynamic changes of the industrial chain. SMM for you to build a platform for industry exchange, gathering the major domestic enterprises on-site exchange, to provide professional analysts and first-hand research information and data.

Welcome to join the professional metal industry team, we "copper" zinc "cooperation," tin "heart strength," lead "hand forward!

The Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit in 2019

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Recycled lead: in recent years, the proportion of recycled lead has increased year by year, especially the concentration of new expansion capacity from 2018 to 2020; at the same time, many policies such as "Action Plan for pollution Prevention and Control of waste lead Battery" and "Technical Specification for recovery of waste lead-acid Battery" have been announced to standardize the recovery of waste lead battery, promote the optimization and upgrading of renewable lead industry, and whether the new capacity of renewable lead can be released as scheduled in 2019? What is the status of the implementation of a number of policies after they have come out of Taiwan? What is the feasibility of "standardized" recycled lead becoming a "delivery brand"?

In terms of lead batteries: the lead battery industry is also faced with a number of policies, such as the Technical Specification for the Safety of Electric Bicycle, the interim measures for the Administration of Recycling and Utilization of Power batteries for New Energy vehicles, coupled with the issuance of 5G licenses, the output of vehicles has increased negatively for the first time. What was the situation of the lead battery industry in 2019? In the implementation of the "extended producer responsibility system" at the same time, lead battery enterprises have been involved in the recovery of waste lead batteries, recycled lead smelting and other sectors, lead battery enterprises cross-field operation brings a new profit growth point?

In order to enable recycled lead enterprises to stay warm and win-win, SMM organized the "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit", which will be held from August 22 to 23, 2019. At the meeting, there will be industry bigwigs to talk about the exclusive point of view of policy, technical elites with you to explore high-end technology common innovation, professional tycoons, SMM senior analysts for your authority to analyze macro and industry information.

The Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit in 2019 invites you to cooperate with each other to change the lead industry.

China Electrical Materials supply and demand Trading Summit 2019

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In 2019, the macro-market disturbance occurred constantly, which caused great interference to the copper with strong financial properties. At the same time, the supply of copper concentrate is shrinking, scrap copper is affected by environmental protection and import ban, the supply is tight, what is the supply and demand situation of copper industry and the trend of copper price? In 2019, the signs of integration of the electrical industry have been slowly highlighted, and the signs of capacity concentration in the copper rod industry have gradually become clear. Large copper rod enterprises seek new development through new purchase equipment, acquisition plans, etc., but what is the demand for electricity, infrastructure, cars, and so on? where will the copper rod industry go? Copper plate, copper strip, copper rod due to automotive, electronic and other impact on the production of reduced, the performance of the terminal consumption of each category?

To this end, SMM specially held the "2019 China Electrical Materials supply and demand Trading Summit and Wire and Cable Industry Summit Forum" and the "2019 China Electrical Materials supply and demand Trading Summit and Motor Transformer Raw material Technology Forum" on August 29-30, 2019. the purpose of the two forums is to discuss the current situation of the copper rod, electromagnetic wire, wire and cable, copper bar, copper strip and other electrical industries, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by customers. The demand of downstream power industry, market management risk control, new product development and so on, bring more market opportunities and communication opportunities for industry customers.

Let us in the "2019 China Electrical Materials supply and demand Trading Summit", know each other electricians, meet you and me, win-win future.

"2019 China New Automotive Materials Application Summit Forum-two major sub-forums"

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Innovation and application development

China, as an emerging automobile power, has become the largest new car consumption market in the world in terms of automobile production and capacity. Looking back on the data of automobile sales in China in 2018, although it still ranks first in the world, it has experienced the first negative growth in nearly 30 years, and the growth rate of the main economic indicators of the industry has slowed down and slowed down. In addition to the tension brought about by the production and marketing data, under the influence of supply-side reform, automobile enterprises also pay more attention to "wisdom" manufacturing and product "quality" development.

In order to better promote the green life cycle of the construction of the automobile industry, the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineering and the Shanghai Nonferrous Network will jointly hold the theme meeting of the "China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-2019 China Automobile New Materials Application Summit Forum" from September 19 to 20, 2019. there will be two major forums on copper and aluminum materials for new energy vehicles. Invite high-quality vehicle, parts, material production, processing and other enterprises, discuss material solutions, jointly cast the closed loop of the green development of automobile industry chain, and strive to build an excellent exchange and cooperation platform for the whole automobile industry chain. lead the creation of advanced score new energy automobile industry cluster.

Forum 1-2019 Technical Forum on Copper Alloy Materials for Automobile in China

Copper processing is an important part of China's non-ferrous metal industry. And after years of rapid development, China has become the world's largest copper producer and consumer, the comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced. In 2009, the proportion of Chinese copper products in the world exceeded 49%. The excellent properties of copper and copper alloys make copper processing products widely used in aerospace, military industry, communications, power, electrical, electronic, hardware, mechanical manufacturing, home appliances, automobiles and many other fields. Therefore, "2019 China Automotive Copper Alloy material Technology Forum" by SMM invited high-quality vehicles, parts, material production, processing and other enterprises for you to analyze the wide application of copper alloy in the automotive field.

Copper Alloy-focus attack

Manufacturing and processing Technology of High Precision Copper Alloy Strip

Copper alloy materials for automobile connectors

Copper alloy materials for automobile connectors

Forum II-019 (7th) supply and demand Trading Summit of China Aluminum processing Industry chain

China's aluminum processing industry has continued to develop at a high speed in the past two decades, and China's aluminum consumption has grown strongly. According to the 13th five-year Plan of Nonferrous Metals Industry, the total aluminum consumption in China will reach 43 million tons by 2020, and the average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2020 will reach 7.24%. And the aluminum processing industry as a relatively important part of the new automotive materials, in order to better promote the development of the automotive industry, SMM invited relevant famous enterprises, industry elites to meet with the "2019 (seventh) China Aluminum processing Industry chain supply and demand Trading Summit", and there are three parallel forums for the development of the aluminum processing industry in the automotive field, creating brilliant.

Three parallel forums-special field for rolling aluminum alloy, special field for extruded aluminum alloy and special field for cast aluminum alloy

Application Progress and difficulties of lightweight Materials for car body

Study on Automobile Aluminum Alloy material and its Application Technology

Evaluation Index system of Cleaner production in recycled Aluminum Industry and Resource Utilization of recycled Aluminum Ash Slag

The finishing touch of the summit

Visit the 21st China International Industrial Expo, 9 major exhibitions, for you to visit.

CNC machine tool and metal working exhibition; new energy and intelligent net automobile exhibition; new material industry exhibition; science and technology innovation exhibition; industrial automation exhibition; new energy and power electrician exhibition; information and communication technology application exhibition; energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition; robot exhibition.

2019 (Seventh) China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit

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Zinc challenges the Development of Zinc thinking

In recent years, zinc oxide enterprises have not only experienced the continuous standardized development after the implementation of the new national standard, but also experienced the process upgrading and industrial integration after the storm of environmental protection. In 2019, the zinc oxide industry has been reborn after numerous challenges to seek better development. But at present, the automobile production and marketing data is not good, the Sino-US trade war continues to ferment, the terminal order weakens, the market competition becomes more and more fierce, how will zinc oxide enterprises deal with it? In the first half of the year, although the zinc price fell back, but the zinc oxide raw material zinc slag fell behind, the price is still high. How to deal with zinc oxide enterprises in order to seek better development?

Shanghai Nonferrous Network sincerely invites you to "2019 (Seventh) China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit" in October, from the perspective of industrial environmental protection policy, supply and demand market, price trend, macro environment, technological innovation, hedge and so on. In-depth discussion of the opportunities and challenges of the zinc oxide industry, looking forward to the development of the follow-up zinc oxide industry!

If you have the demand to open up the market, explain the macro trend, predict the future of zinc oxide and discuss the technology, then come to the 2019 (Seventh) China Zinc oxide Industry chain Trading Summit to analyze the details and give you some advice.

The Ninth China Tin Industry chain Trading Summit in 2019

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In the first half of 2019, the mine supply remained in a tight balance. Under the influence of China's overall economic situation and Sino-US trade war factors, the market demand situation has declined compared with the same period last year, the market de-inventory process has been slow, and the tin city has maintained a state of weak supply and demand as a whole. On the external side, Indonesia's tin ingot exports rose 43 per cent in April from a year earlier, coupled with a sharp increase in Chinese refined tin exports from January to April. At present, the stock of tin has risen to 6305 tons at one point, and the trend of tin has been under pressure. Where will the tin price go in the future? Will the continuous decline in tin prices affect the enthusiasm of miners to ship goods, thus aggravating the pattern of tight supply at the mine end? When will downstream demand recover? Will the development of 5G become a new consumption growth point of tin demand? 2019 (9th) tin industry chain trading summit invites you to explore the mysteries of tin city.

Four focal points, uncover the future of Mixi City

1. Interpretation of macro trends: senior experts deeply analyze the evolution of Sino-US trade disputes in the follow-up to the G20 summit, and give you an overview of the international trade situation in 2020 and the trend of the global economy!

2. Tin city price forecast: SMM exclusive factory and mine research data, in-depth analysis of tin ingot supply, downstream consumption situation, easy to grasp the tin price trend and investment opportunities!

3. Market demand focus: market development, set solder, tinplate, electronics industry important enterprises, jointly explore market development and potential demand, in-depth understanding of terminal product application requirements, zero-distance communication with buyers!

4. Enterprise visit and inspection: go deep into the industrial agglomeration place, explore the terminal demand and production mode, and explore the cutting-edge technology in an all-round way!

Tin Summit, November 7-8, 2019, waiting for your good news in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province!

Please come to the scene to feel: big elite brainstorming

The analysis of picture and text is rich and colorful, and the leading edge of technology is preemptive.

Big gathering of the metal industry, waiting for you to join!


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