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[stock Market afternoon Review] Science and Technology Innovation Board's shares fell on the second day, and the semiconductor sector of the main board technology stocks showed a strong performance.
Jul 23,2019
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SMM7 month 23 news: early trading index opened high Prev index flat, Science and Technology Innovation Board stocks showed a general downward trend, Science and Technology Innovation Board stocks decreased heat. Subsequently, the index gradually strengthened, the main board technology stocks active performance. Combustible ice, semiconductors and other plates have been pulled up. Near the close of the morning, the three major stock indexes rose and weakened again, and the trading volume narrowed significantly. Chip and other topics such as the performance of the concept plate active, yesterday's adjustment of the ship in the stock market to warm up. By midday, the Prev index was up 0.07% at 2888.93 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 0.13% at 9134.43 points, and the Creative Index was up 0.70% at 1526.56 points.

Review of abnormal movement

Flammable ice plate changed, potential Hengxin continued to a word board, Hammer technology rose 5%, Hengtai Epp, Tongyuan oil rose slightly

5G plate movement, Bangxun technology straight line sealing board, Feirongda, Chunxing Seiko, Wu Tong holding small strength

Semiconductor plate is strong, Zhiguang Electric strong sealing board, Yaxiang integration rose 7%, Guangdong Junya, NTU Optoelectronics, Shanghai Beiling and so on rose slightly.

Huawei Hayes concept is strong, Taijing Technology rose limit, Chengmai Technology, Oriental Zhongke, Liyuan information rose slightly.

Anji Technology turned red strongly, falling 18% at one point in early trading.

The total turnover of Science and Technology Innovation Board's 25 companies has broken through the 10 billion mark, and the number of China pass has sold 1.8 billion. The number of stocks down more than 10% narrowed from 21 to 4, and four shares became red, of which Nanwei Medicine rose nearly 20%.

Liquor plate fell collectively, Luzhou old cellar fell 7%, Shuishuifang fell 6%, mouth cellar, today's edge, Wuliangye, Gujing tribute liquor weakened one after another.

The military industry plate is strong against the trend, Beihua shares are up 5%, Chinese science and technology, triangular defense, Xiyi shares, Changchun Yidong have strengthened one after another.

Message surface

[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: the scale of relocation of the manufacturing industry is not generally controllable]

Xin Guobin, vice minister of industry and information technology, said: judging from the current situation, the scale of outward relocation of the manufacturing industry is small, basically at the middle and low end, and has little impact on China's economic growth, industrial upgrading, labor force, employment, and so on. China has a huge domestic market, complete industrial chain, and efficient infrastructure, especially the application of new technology and other new advantages, China is still the most attractive investment hotspots in the world.

[central bank carries out 297.7 billion yuan TMLF and 200 billion yuan MLF operation]

On July 23, 2019, the people's Bank of China launched a targeted medium-term loan facility (TMLF) operation of 297.7 billion yuan, and a medium-term loan facility (MLF) operation of 200 billion yuan, totaling 497.7 billion yuan, which is basically equivalent to the maturity amount of 502 billion yuan of the mid-term loan facility (MLF) on the same day. After the above operation, the liquidity of the banking system is reasonable and abundant, and reverse repurchase operations will not be carried out today. (central Bank website)

[global investors bought a net $125 billion of equity bonds a week on the eve of the big three meetings]

At this time of year, China will hold high-level meetings to decide what to do in the second half of the year. There are two other big meetings this year, the Federal Reserve interest rate decision from the evening of July 31 to the early morning of August 1 and the latest interest rate decision from the European Central Bank on July 25. It can be said that these three major events will to a large extent affect the pattern and trend of the global economy in the second half of this year. (brokerage China)

Institutional point of view

Zhongyuan Securities: Science and Technology Innovation Board 25 companies officially appeared on Monday, causing a strong pursuit of all kinds of funds, all companies are extremely active throughout the day, attracting a large number of funds to participate in the game. In comparison, due to the lack of a more clear hot spot in the main board market for the time being, the market continues to oscillate downward in the short term, and the Prev index creates a new low in the near future. For some time to come, the focus of market attention will continue to focus on Science and Technology Innovation Board. The main board market still has to continue to suffer from the continuous test of the performance of the report, Prev is difficult to get out of the fetters around 2900 points in the short term. It is recommended that investors continue to pay attention to the policy, capital and external market changes in the near future.

Open Source Securities pointed out that Science and Technology Innovation Board will also attract the attention of more investors in a period of time, and the differentiation between the motherboard and Science and Technology Innovation Board may continue. The main board market, which is concerned by most ordinary investors, may maintain the trend of concussion to the bottom. Fortunately, the launch of Science and Technology Innovation Board, can objectively improve the valuation level of some technology stocks, investment advice is still controlled position, due attention to the performance of Kechuang board on the main board listed companies.

Shanxi Securities: looking forward to the future, Science and Technology Innovation Board, as a new thing, may continue to be sought after by the market in the short term. Motherboard, will continue to maintain the concussion trend. In terms of subject matter, the market hot spot is concentrated in Science and Technology Innovation Board, other topics by the attention of market funds is low, participation is more difficult. In the short term, investors can focus on the board, and investors who prefer other topics can wait for opportunities. In terms of position, the sustainability of the current market is not strong, it is recommended that investors control the position. In the medium to long term, the gold plate still has a chance. With the start of the global interest rate cut cycle, safe-haven assets will be sought after. Continue to recommend to benefit from the weak economy, monetary easing background of safe haven assets such as interest rate bonds, gold and other enhanced allocation, medium-and long-term investors may consider intervention in the correction. At the same time, pig prices continued to rise this week, superimposed performance improvement, the follow-up in the news and fundamentals of the agricultural sector is expected to be repeatedly concerned by active market funds. Investors can buy in a pullback and do not chase higher.


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