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[7.17 Lithium News] Xiongan New District by the end of 2020 bus and other new energy * Shanghai Electric and Tianji Automobile Joint Venture to establish a battery company
Jul 17,2019 09:59CST
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[Xiongan New District, Hebei Province: bus and other operating vehicles become new energy by the end of 2020] on July 15, the Xiongan New District Management Committee issued the Circular on the delineation of low Emission Control areas for Mobile Source pollutants in Xiongan New District. By the end of next year, buses, sanitation, commuting, light logistics and distribution vehicles operating in the new area should all achieve new energy.

Shanghai Electric Group Battery Technology Co., Ltd. has completed industrial and commercial registration and has been officially established, according to the official news of Shanghai Electric. [Shanghai Electric and Tianji Automobile Joint Venture to set up a battery company] recently, according to the official news of Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Electric Group Battery Technology Co. The company is a joint venture between Shanghai Electric and Tianji Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 135 million yuan, of which Shanghai Electric has a stake of 55.00 per cent and Tianji Automobile has a stake of 45 per cent. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in independent research and development of power battery system related technology, power battery system and mass production of key parts.

[Wei Lai then layout, Li Bin saw the new "trillion cake" on July 16, we learned through an exclusive interview, Weilai will split its energy replenishment service NIO Power, to seek to complete independent financing in Q4 this year, a scale of about billions of yuan. The project is led by Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai, Qin Lihong, president of Weilai, Shen Fei, vice president of power management of Weilai Automobile, and will be launched in the next 2 months. Independent APP. At the same time, NIO Power will be renamed, and the final name has not yet been determined. It is understood that the split of the NIO Power will be based on the original five business lines, including super charging pile, charging tram, one-button power, power station, charging map.

[Ant Financial Services Group and Ningde Times take a stake in Hello Travel's Technology Company] on the morning of July 15, according to Tianyan data, industrial and commercial changes took place in Fujian Ningde Zhihan Infinite Technology Co., Ltd., with a new shareholder Ant Financial Services Group's Shanghai Yunxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd., holding a stake of 28.5%; Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., holding 33.5%, the former shareholder Shanghai Junfeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest shareholder, holding 38%. At the same time, the company's registered capital increased by 9 million yuan.

[Anglo and Platinum will develop next-generation battery technology to increase long-term demand for platinum and palladium] Anglo Platinum and Platinum Group Metals have formed a joint venture to develop next-generation battery technology using platinum and palladium. The joint venture will also carry out further research projects aimed at using platinum and palladium to release the potential of lithium-air batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries to improve their discharge capacity.

[IMEC develops new solid-state battery electrolytes to make solid-state batteries fully charged within two hours] (IMEC), a Belgian microelectronics research center, has reportedly announced that it has teamed up with EnergyVille to launch a solid-state lithium-metal battery with an energy density of more than 400 Wh/liter, and a charging speed of up to 2 hours (0.5C). In addition, IMEC announced that it has upgraded battery materials and battery processes on the solid-state battery package production line at the EnergyVille campus in Genk, Belgium, and has established a partnership with (University of Hasselt), University of Hasselt, Belgium. According to its solid-state battery roadmap, IMEC aims to make solid-state lithium-metal batteries better than wet lithium-ion batteries by 2024, with a charging rate of 2 to 3C.

[BMW X3 pure electric version is about to exceed the domestic comprehensive range of 400km] recently, foreign media exposed a set of test photos of the pure electric version of BMW X3--iX3. The new car is based on G08 (fuel version X3). The long range model will carry 75kWh battery pack, and the mileage exceeds 400km under WLTP (strict NEDC) standard. It is reported that iX3 will be produced by Shenyang Dadong factory and exported to the world, as early as 2020 to complete the first model production. Competitors, Mercedes-Benz EQC will be officially launched on September 30 this year, Audi e-tron will also achieve localization in 2020. The luxury electric SUV market will face a fierce battle in 2020.

[0-100kn/h acceleration less than 3 seconds Lutus Evija release] on July 17, Beijing time, Lutus released its first production pure electric supercar: Lutus Evija, officially said the car was positioned for the top overrun, with an 0-100km/h acceleration of less than 3 seconds, a limited production of 130 vehicles and a matching five in China. Starting at 1.7 million pounds (14.67 million yuan), the car is now scheduled to start production by 2020. The product is also the first heavyweight product since the Lutes brand was acquired by Geely holding Group, and officials hope to use the new car to revive the brand height and set a new benchmark for Lutus in sports driving technology.

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