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[SMM survey] Wulanchabu Power limit Ni-Fe Plant has little impact
Jul 16,2019 19:01CST
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SMM7 16 month news: it is recently learned that the Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu Regional Power Bureau issued a notice that all high energy consumption users in Wulanchabu area, since July 16, the power limit order will implement the new order approved by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission in 2019, and the power limit will be limited according to the line. After each power limit receives the notice, all the loads of the power limit line will be completely stopped, and only the power change load will be retained.

According to SMM research, at present, the power limit has little impact on the ferronickel plant in Wulanchabu area, some factories say or affect one day's production, while some factories say there is no impact, the follow-up progress still needs to be further observed. Ulancha area accounted for 7.9% of the national high nickel pig iron production in June.



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