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BMZ Group and Kion will set up a joint venture battery company
Jul 15,2019 16:24CST
Kion, the world's leading internal logistics provider, will form a joint venture with BMZ Holdings in the name of KION Battery Systems Co., Ltd.
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SMM7, 15 July: it is reported that on July 11, 2019 in Frankfurt, the Kion Group has taken another important step in its path of growth and innovation. Kion, the world's leading internal logistics provider, will form a joint venture with BMZ Holdings in the name of KION Battery Systems Co., Ltd. A spokesman for the BMZ Group immediately confirmed the news. The joint venture will produce lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is reported that the two companies have now signed an agreement. Kion Group AG and BMZ Holding GmbH will each own 50 per cent of the joint venture company (the joint venture company). The joint venture aims to expand the supply of lithium-ion products and increase production capacity to meet demand for lithium-ion battery systems in the fast-growing internal logistics market.

Starting in the second quarter of 2020, the first batch of batteries will be produced from the production line at Karlstein's planned BMZ plant. By 2023, the joint venture is expected to increase the number of employees working on research, development and production functions to about 80. Both KION and BMZ have world-leading technologies in the field of lithium ions. Initially, the new joint venture will focus on producing 48 volts and 80 volts of batteries to balance heavy trucks. The supply of batteries will soon be extended to 24 volts for small warehouse trucks.

The deal still needs to be approved and regulated by the competent antitrust.

A joint venture between Europe's largest industrial truck manufacturer and a leading European manufacturer of lithium-ion battery solutions providers will represent a far-reaching strategic partnership. "this alliance will enhance our role in lithium-ion batteries and will enhance the competitiveness of the KION Group and all KION brand companies." KION GROUP AG CEO Gordon Riske explained.

"the partnership with the BMZ Group will enable us to effectively meet the steady growth in demand for advanced lithium-ion batteries and ensure the highest supply reliability for our customers."

Sven Bauer, founder and CEO of BMZ Holding, also confirms this great potential partnership: "KION has always been a highly valued partner and customer. Our two companies have cultivated strategic and strategic business relationships for many years. The technology of the BMZ Group and its 25 years of industry experience provide a good basis for venture capital in the joint venture. " According to Bauer, participation in test laboratories and development teams and development strategies, as well as cost-of-ownership optimization of product development, will be key to the success of the joint venture.

The new business will be jointly managed by the KION Group and BMZ Holdings. Carsten Harnisch and Christian Hasenstab of KION from BMZ will be appointed managing directors of KION Battery Systems GmbH. Similarly, each founder company will appoint two members of a four-member shareholder committee. The joint venture will be fully integrated by the KION Group.

Strategic focus and energy

In its KION 2027 strategy, the KION Group also places particular emphasis on providing all relevant energy solutions with the highest energy efficiency, which is one of the important value drivers of internal logistics and logistics. The group's global R & D activities focus on key technologies that drive the future. The existing KION brand portfolio provides important driving technologies from internal combustion engines to lead acid and lithium-ion batteries as well as fuel cells. Electric drive systems are particularly important. KION is a leading supplier of electric forklifts and warehouse trucks. Across the brand, the group has sold more than a million electric trucks in the past decade. Electric trucks accounted for about 80% of unit sales last year and will continue to grow. The BMZ Group plans to double the production of battery systems for electric vehicles supplied to major European automakers by 2019. To further meet market demand, the company has acquired TerraE, a German battery manufacturer, and plans to invest 300 million euros to build a 8GWh battery production line. The first phase of the capacity plan is 4G Wh. it is expected to go into production in 2020.

Lithium ion battery has particularity

Advantages for electric vehicles: for example, in contrast to traditional lead-acid batteries, there is no need to replace batteries because lithium-ion technology supports fast charging and ready charging.

Great progress has been made in the development of BMZ lithium-ion battery technology. They are already a very attractive and cost-effective supplier of industrial trucks, especially in places where facilities are intensive. Batteries are even suitable for trucks with heavy batteries that carry a lot of cargo.

Founded by its current CEO 25 years ago and playing an important role in the early use of lithium batteries, the BMZ Group has a very wide supply chain, is perfectly positioned on the international stage, has high quality, mature and long-term business, and its products have the concept of stable supply. Since 1994, BMZ Group has provided specialized custom battery system solutions to more than 2000 well-known companies worldwide, covering applications such as power batteries, energy storage systems, medical and industrial equipment, and power tools. Products include: electric vehicles, battery bicycles (E-Bike), ESS energy storage systems, mobile medical equipment, power tools, radio drills, electric screwdrivers, electric garden tools and so on.

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