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July 12 Shanghai copper spot market KuaiBao
Jul 12,2019 12:02CST
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SMM July 12-Today, Shanghai electrolytic copper spot on the current month's contract water 60 yuan / ton to liter water 120 yuan / ton, flat water copper transaction price 46610 yuan / ton ~ 46660 yuan / ton, rising water copper transaction price 46660 yuan / ton ~ 46710 yuan / ton. Shanghai copper continued to rebound to 46600 yuan / ton line. In the morning, we continued yesterday's quotation of 70 to 120 yuan / ton, flat copper concentrated on 60 to 70 yuan / ton, good copper accounted for a low proportion, so attracted some traders to take the initiative to receive goods, good copper prices 110 to 120 yuan / ton, and even the willingness to push up 130 yuan / ton; the market buying flat, downstream performance stopped, making wet copper stalemate near Pingshui. Market transactions in general, today's market supply and demand performance stalemate, next Monday is the last trading day of the month, pay attention to the monthly spread as a guide.

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