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Today's news: foreign investors quickly enter the Chinese market * iron ore skyrocketing steel enterprises need to avoid "import risk"
Jul 8,2019 09:12CST
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Macro information

Do you want to cut interest rates? Powell will testify before the U.S. Congress this week.

Non-farm data suppresses interest rate cuts in expectations that US economic growth will slow down and worries remain

For seven months in a row, foreign investors have increased their holdings of RMB bonds to enter the Chinese market.

At the end of June, foreign exchange reserves increased by US $3.119234 trillion over the previous month by US $18.23 billion.

Metal news

[SMM Analysis] details of electricity Price of Electrolytic Aluminum Enterprises in China in June 2019 (with chart)

Total stainless steel production increased 23.73 per cent to 2.3449 million tons in June from a year earlier. Total stainless steel production is expected to increase slightly in July.

[SMM Analysis] 2019H1 China Battery material production data part III: the trend of High Ni shows that the demand for Iron and Lithium may be on the rise.

The price of light, medium and heavy rare earths is weak and stable, waiting for the guidance of news surface in the future. [SMM analysis] light, medium and heavy rare earth prices are weak and stable.

The first batch of central eco-environmental protection inspectors in the second round will be launched in an all-round way in the near future.

A new round of global liquidity feast looming copper industry leading listed companies may benefit obviously

Rusal enters into metal supply agreement with Braidy Industries

Iron ore skyrocketing steel enterprises need to avoid "input risk"

The "Big pattern" of Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision is taking shape day by day

The last trading day of the delisting period of cobalt and nickel shares.

Related news

Dealers speed up inventory and the industry expects that the growth rate of car sales is expected to become regular.

Enthusiasm for the development of 5G industry is high in the next three years, it will enter the upward cycle of investment.

The "white list" left the market for new energy vehicles.

Domestic oil prices will rise for the first time in the second half of the year. Car travel costs will rise again.

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