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The third meeting of "Strategic Partners in Automotive innovative Materials and applications" was successfully held
Jul 4,2019 17:19CST
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July 4: July 3, "Automotive innovative Materials and Application Strategic Partnership" the third meeting was successfully held in the conference room of Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. The meeting was presided over by Liu Qiuli, vice president and secretary general of the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

Jin Ye, Director of the New Materials Department of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Liang Yuancong, Secretary General of Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineering, Wu Jiansi, Secretary General of Shanghai rare Earth Industry Association, Fan Zefang, Secretary General of Shanghai Auto parts Industry Association, Liu Jianguo, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Plastics Industry Association, Wang Jialei, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Iron and Steel Service Association, Chen Qingru, Director of Shanghai Chemical Industry Association, Ma Qiong, executive director of Shanghai Nonferrous Network, attended the meeting. Shi Aiping, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Xu Yinwen, director of the Convention and Exhibition Center, and Xia Weiming, a consultant, also attended the meeting.


The meeting discussed the "China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-2019 China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum" to be held in Shanghai from September 19 to 20, 2019. It is reported that the summit forum specially set up copper and aluminum materials for new energy vehicles and power battery materials two major forums, specially invited high-quality vehicles, parts, batteries, material production, recycling and other enterprises to discuss material solutions, common casting automobile industry chain green development closed loop, strive to build an excellent automobile industry chain exchange and cooperation platform, lead the creation of advanced new energy automobile industry cluster.

At the meeting, leaders discussed the current preparations for the Forum, with emphasis on the criteria for the "2019 Award for the most potential Innovation of Automotive Materials" to be awarded at the Forum. After discussion, it is agreed that automotive innovative materials should meet the requirements of independent research and development and intellectual property rights, a leading position in the field of segmentation, the possibility of industrialization, the substitution of imported products or the solution of the current bottleneck problems.

In addition, the meeting also discussed and exchanged the current collection of innovative automotive materials and invited review experts. It is reported that 123 materials have been received from 118 enterprises. The Shanghai Automotive innovative Materials and Application Review Group will be composed of 12 experts from SAIC passenger vehicles, SAIC General Motors, BAIC, Geely, BYD and other vehicle enterprises, as well as parts assembly enterprises.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Jinye said that the construction of the docking platform for automotive innovative materials has unobstructed the docking between the R & D departments of upstream and downstream enterprises, has become the starting point for trade associations to serve new materials enterprises, and has promoted the docking of new materials, which is conducive to further optimizing the business environment.

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