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[stock Market midday Review] three major stock indexes low concussion environmental protection stocks rose again
Jul 3,2019 11:47CST
By midday, the Prev index was down 0.70 per cent at 3022.73 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 0.61 per cent at 9487.28 points, and the gem index was down 0.98 per cent at 1555.19 points.
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SMM7 month 3 news: Prev opened slightly lower in early trading, and then maintained a low concussion trend, Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks fell more and rose less, market capital is still conservative, on the disk, gold concept stocks opened higher in early trading, and then environmental protection, food concepts and other title stocks have strengthened, leading the market to make money effect, 5G, Huawei Hayes concept and other technology stocks continued to weaken in early trading.

By midday, the Prev index was down 0.70 per cent at 3022.73 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was down 0.61 per cent at 9487.28 points, and the gem index was down 0.98 per cent at 1555.19 points.

Review of abnormal movement

Shandong Gold (600547) rose sharply close to the trading limit, Hengbang shares, Yuancheng Gold, Jinzhou Cihang (000587), CICC Gold (600489) rose one after another.

The beer plate opened stronger, Lanzhou Yellow River straight line pulled up the seal board, Huiquan beer, Pearl River beer, Mo Gao shares rose one after another.

Garbage sorting plate changed, Hanyu Group, clear water straight line pulled up double sealing plate, Willie rose nearly 7%, China Tianjanda, Central equipment, body film technology and so on rose.

Environmental protection stocks strengthened, the first shares, clear water straight line to pull up the seal board, Willie, snow wave environment, China jacaranda and so on have rushed up one after another.

Tobacco concept stocks rose, Shaanxi Jinye straight line rose nearly 7%, Epp shares, Jinshi Technology (002951), Xiangyilong and other stocks rose one after another.

In the environmental protection concept stock market, the collective rush is high, Jing Lan science and technology, Willie and so on rise one after another, China's jacaranda, Wan Bangda, enlighten Sander and other stocks have risen one after another.

The dairy sector moved higher in the intraday market, the new dairy industry rose more than 7%, Wei shares, Dacang Agriculture, Beinmei, Jinjian Rice and other stocks rose one after another to follow the rise.

Food processing plate strengthened, plus food straight line rose limit, sealed single more than 400000 hands, friends food, Sanquan food, sea flavor industry and other stocks have followed suit

Wine plate intraday strength, Lao Baigan straight line rose nearly 8%, Wuliangye, Yanghe shares (002304), Shunxin Agriculture (000860) and other stocks rose one after another.

5G concept stocks collectively weakened in early trading, Zhongjiabo fell more than 6%, Bangxun Technology, Jingquan Hua, Huaxing fell more than 5%, Mingpu Optics and Gauss Bell fell more than 4%.

Message surface

[Li Keqiang: China will promote omni-directional opening up to the outside world and independently lower the overall tariff level]

On the morning of July 2, the opening ceremony of the 13th Summer Davos Forum was held in Dalian, China. In his special speech, Premier Li Keqiang reiterated that China will unswervingly promote all-round opening up to the outside world and is committed to developing a higher level of open economy. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 13th year of the Summer Davos Forum in China. In retrospect, Li Keqiang said that when the Summer Davos Forum was set up, a new round of industrial revolution was on the rise, the pace of globalization was accelerating, and new business type, new technology, and new business models emerged one after another. (21st Century Economic report)

[Ren Zhengfei responds to Trump's latest statement: Huawei is willing to buy products from American companies]

In a recent interview, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei responded to US President Donald Trump's statement that he allowed US companies to continue to supply Huawei during the G20. He said President Trump's pledge to soften his position on Huawei had little impact on the company, and he vowed to continue to make Huawei less dependent on US suppliers. But he also said: "President Trump's statement is good for American companies. Huawei is also willing to continue to buy products from American companies. " Ren Zhengfei said. "but we don't see much of an impact on what we're doing. We will still focus on doing our job well. "

For the first time in history! What is the difference between overnight and interest rates on excess reserves hanging upside down in this round of easing? ]

First, the current upside-down link between DR001 and IOER interest rates is unsustainable, but a sharp tightening of funds in the case of liquidity stratification may not be significant. From the historical experience, the previous rounds of interest rate upside-down have opened the downward range of interest rate bond yields, but the flooding of rotation, the process of short-end interest rate to long-end interest rate seems to have encountered a bottleneck. (Citic Securities)

Institutional review

Guosheng Securities pointed out that the current news remained calm, market sentiment after the centralized release, but also gradually restore rationality, re-examine the A-share fundamental pattern after the G20 summit. According to previous analysis, due to the lack of any agreement in the Sino-US trade negotiations at the G20 summit, the trade situation between China and the United States has only entered the negotiation stage again from the previous dispute. There are no new multitasking factors in the market. Therefore, the fundamental pattern has not undergone substantial changes, it is difficult to support A shares to produce a breakthrough market, the market up and down more or depends on the attitude of the main funds. Tuesday's volatility was a normal technical adjustment after the rally. Whether the future market can continue to attack depends on the willingness and strength of incremental funds to enter the market, which can be observed from the amount of energy and hot spot changes.

Lianxun Securities Strategy study said that after the decline in external risk, the July-August layout can be appropriately positive. Three main lines are recommended: the first main line is the plate that benefits from the mitigation of external events, such as the relevant plates of the communications and mobile phone industry chain; the second main line is the relevant plates of Science and Technology Innovation Board, such as the benefited securities firms and Science and Technology Innovation Board shadow targets; the third main line is, the core assets preferred by foreign investors, the return of foreign capital to large-scale inflows, and its preferred big consumption and big financial leaders are expected to continue to be favored.

Tianfeng Securities said that "seven turn over" one of the important emotional catalytic factors in the newspaper market, focusing on performance pre-increase certainty of food and beverage, communications equipment, securities firms, biomedicine. Zhongtai Securities's proposal is that the semi-annual report opens, Science and Technology Innovation Board is about to set sail.

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