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[7.1Lithium News] by the end of 2020, new energy vehicles will continue to be exempt from vehicle purchase tax * 42400 new energy passenger cars were sold in the first five months.
Jul 1,2019 09:52CST
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[new Energy vehicles continue to be exempted from vehicle purchase tax by the end of 2020] on 28 June, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice entitled "preferential policies on continued vehicle purchase tax", according to the announcement, from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, exemption from vehicle purchase tax on the purchase of new energy vehicles shall enter into force as of July 1, 2019.

[42400 new energy buses were sold in the previous May, with Yutong accounting for 31.7 per cent of the market] 4383 new energy buses were sold in May 2019, and the cumulative sales of new energy buses from January to May were 42459, an increase of 61 per cent over the same period last year. From the top 10 new energy bus enterprises, Yutong has been in an absolute dominant position, the former May Yutong new energy bus market share reached 31.7%.

[Tesla issued a statement on the Shanghai vehicle accident: no system failure was found] on June 28, Beijing time, Tesla issued a "statement on the Shanghai vehicle accident" on official Weibo, two months and seven days after the Tesla Model S spontaneous combustion incident in Shanghai. "We found no defects in the system and initially determined that the individual accident was caused by a single battery module failure located in the front of the vehicle," the statement said. " At the end of the article, Tesla said, "although Tesla electric vehicle fire accident probability is significantly lower than gasoline vehicles, but we will continue to pursue the goal of'0 accident'."

[Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance invests in The Mobility House to accelerate electrification travel] recently, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "Alliance"), a strategic venture capital firm, announced its investment in technology company The Mobility House. The Mobility House uses smart charging and energy storage technology to integrate vehicle batteries into the grid platform. The project is the latest venture capital investment in the automotive industry for startups, early R & D and future cutting-edge technology companies. The Mobility House has offices in Germany, Switzerland and Silicon Valley, California.

[2019 small ants go on sale for 59800 yuan to upgrade their texture] on June 28, 2019 small ants from Chery New Energy officially went on sale. After subsidies, the national unified selling price range is 5.98-75800 yuan. The new car launched a total of three models, respectively, the Zhishang version, the smart version and the Zhixuan version, of which the Zhichang version is the two-seater version, the rest is the four-seater version. In the continuation part of the new model and the old model to maintain the same, NEDC comprehensive operating conditions to extend 301km. The maximum power of permanent magnet drive motor is 30kw (40Ps), the maximum torque is 120N ·m, the measured maximum speed can reach 110km / h in motion mode, and the maximum speed is 90km/h in ordinary mode. The total capacity of the power battery is 35 degrees, which can support the range of 301km and constant velocity maximum 410km under NEDC operating conditions. In the charging time part, the AC maximum support charging power of the new car is increased from the previous 3.3kw to the 6.6kw time to 5 to 7 hours, and the fast charging time is 30-50min.

[Volkswagen officially launched WeShare car sharing service for the first batch of 1500 electric golf cars] Volkswagen will launch its new travel service, WeShare, into the increasingly crowded car sharing market, according to Bloomberg. The company will try to distinguish itself from its competitors by introducing pure electric cars. On June 26th WeShare launched a short-term rental sharing service in Berlin, Germany, with 1500 electric golf (Golf) hatchbacks. Volkswagen also plans to launch another 500 e-UPs next year! Small cars and some ID.3 electric vehicles.

[Guoneng 93 mass production line, Evergrande car from "PPT" to reality] on June 29, Evergrande New Energy vehicle Group Guoneng 93 model production off-line ceremony was held in Tianjin. The Guoneng 93 is a pure electric model based on Sweden's Saab (SAAB) Phoenix E platform and Saab technology. Saab (SAAB) 93, the predecessor of Saab 93, is a new research and development direction in GM Group's diversified clean energy strategy. The Saab 93 eco-kinetic energy vehicle solves the problem of biofuel adaptation in the engine. The turbocharged engine adopts a different management mode from the ordinary fuel engine, so that its driving computer can detect the mixing ratio of fuel on board at any time, and adjust it automatically.



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