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[6.25 Lithium News] Cunninghamia lanceolata shares to be transferred to Altura Mining shares * GAC new energy sales increased by 72 per cent
Jun 25,2019 09:52CST
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In order to further implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on changing government functions and deepening the reform of "releasing management and clothing," the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has decided to abolish the "Standard conditions for the Automobile Power Battery Industry" from June 21, 2019, and the first, second, third, and fourth batch of enterprise catalogues that meet the requirements of the specifications will also be abolished at the same time.

[Cunninghamia lanceolata shares intend to be transferred to Altura Mining 11.83 per cent for 120 million yuan] on June 24, Suga shares (600884.SH) announced that the company recently signed a "share sale agreement" with Fry Holdings Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary Yongsui International. Yongsui International intends to pay A $0.1 per share, with a total price of about A $25.1361 million. At a price of about 120 million yuan, the total Altura Mining Limited, held by Fry Holdings accounts for 11.83 per cent of its offering.

[GAC new energy sales increased 72 per cent Aion.S sold 668 vehicles in the first month] from January to May this year, GAC's cumulative sales volume was 8111 vehicles, a sharp increase of 72.06 per cent from the same period last year. May was the first full sales month of the Aion.S, with sales of 668 vehicles, while Chuanqi GE3 was still a volume product of GAC New Energy, contributing 1171 vehicles in May. Chuanqi GS4 PHEV suffered a "Waterloo", selling only 115 vehicles in May, down 83. 93 per cent from the previous month.

[Beijing bus Group and BAIC join hands to set up a new energy vehicle research and development company] the strategic cooperation conference between Beijing bus Group and BAIC Group was held on June 24. The two sides jointly funded the establishment of "Beijing Futian Ohui New Energy vehicle Co., Ltd.", mainly engaged in automotive and new energy vehicle development, manufacturing and sales. At the same time, the new company has set up a branch in Laishui bus Industrial Park, mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of cars and new energy vehicles. According to the progress of the current project, we should strive to complete the preliminary work related to land requisition by the end of 2019, and strive to complete and put into production by the end of 2021.

[Jaguar will push another pure electric car to extend the 470km] recently, it has been reported that Jaguar will launch another pure electric car next year, and the new car may be an alternative to the Jaguar XJ, born on the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform, with a range of 470km and a battery pack of 90.2kWh.

[sales of spodumene concentrate in the second quarter of Altura Mining are 38600dmt], Altura Mining announced on June 21 that sales of spodumene concentrate in the second quarter were 38600dmt. During June, daily production of spodumene concentrate reached 815 tons, well above the previous target of 640 tons per day.

[BAIC Yinxiang restructuring is about to start] from launch to become a dark horse in the car market, BAIC Yinxiang took three years, and from star enterprises to the brink of bankruptcy, faster. Not only BAIC is caught up in it, but Chongqing Yinxiang Industry, which is betting on the future of the car, has also fallen into a difficult position. "several sides are studying the rescue plan for BAIC Yinxiang, all hope that it is alive, the plan has not yet come out." On June 17, an insider of BAIC Group told us. After multiple blows, such as layoffs, debt collection and shutdown by dealers and suppliers, no one can give an accurate answer as to whether BAIC Yinxiang can be rescued from the brink of bankruptcy.

[Audi e-tron pure electric Q2L exposure NEDC continuation 265km] the new car carries a drive motor with a maximum power of 100kW and a maximum torque of 290Nm, with a top speed of 150km/h. On the battery side, the Audi Q2L e-tron uses a ternary lithium battery with 38kWh energy provided by Ningde era, with a battery energy density of 121 Whg / kg and a range of 265 km under NEDC operating conditions, which is slightly less competitive at this level.

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