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Today's news: central banks send easy signals * March 2019 global copper market supply shortage of 51000 tons
Jun 25,2019 09:08CST
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Macro information

The leaders of the high-level economic and trade consultations between China and the United States spoke on the phone.

Trump says the Fed refuses to cut interest rates like a "urchin" at next month's meeting

Multinational central banks send signals of easing global market sentiment is improving

The study and judgment of the Economic situation has entered an important window period, the intensive investigation and disclosure of policy trends by multiple ministries and commissions

Metal news

A leak at Glencore's nickel plant shut down production of 28300 metal tons of ferronickel last year

[SMM analysis] the physical volume of scrap copper imports has dropped sharply, but whether the subsequent consumption can be improved after the increase in metal volume is the key.

ICSG: March 2019 Global copper market shortage of 51000 tons

[SMM dry information] A list of the planned production capacity of the global lithium battery industry in 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear a lawsuit questioning Trump's steel tariffs

Tesla wins tariff exemption in the United States, saying Alcoa manufacturers can't meet the requirements

Sino-Chinese shares sign Memorandum of understanding with Singapore ISR on Cooperation on rare Earth projects in Madagascar

The sharp rise in iron ore prices is blamed on the fact that insiders in the futures market are angry against speculation and speculation bias.

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Pilot implementation Scheme of centralized Collection and Trans-regional Transportation system of waste lead batteries in Jiangxi Province

Cunninghamia lanceolata shares: proposed transfer of 11.83 per cent of Australian lithium mining company for $120 million

New energy vehicle subsidy policy switching car companies say that rising prices consumers can accept?

Relations between the United States and Iraq are tense, and oil prices are going up? Analysis said: will break through the $100 mark

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