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[stock market review] many factors ferment gold surge report garbage classification concept hot speculation
Jun 21,2019 16:25CST
The three major A-share indexes closed higher today, with the Prev index closing 0.5 per cent higher at 3001.98, the Shenzhen Composite Index up 0.87 per cent at 9214.27 and the gem up 1.72 per cent at 1523.81. A total of 621.8 billion yuan was traded in the two cities, and the industry sector showed a general upward trend.
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SMM6, 21 March: the three major stock indexes strengthened again in the morning, with the Prev index breaking through 3000 points, and the entrepreneurial sector jumping 2 per cent as a result of the news. The concept of gem board and shell broke out in the whole line, and the plate rose by the limit. Garbage classification concept stocks continued to be strong, the two markets opened directly more than 90 shares rose, market sentiment warmed up again, on the disk, environmental protection, domestic software, online games, ST plate and other gains, stocks rose. The net inflow of northbound funds was $8.3 billion today. At one point, it exceeded $10 billion in late trading, with a net inflow of $10 billion for five consecutive days. Since June, the net inflow has exceeded $45 billion.

The three major A-share indexes closed higher today, with the Prev index closing 0.5 per cent higher at 3001.98, the Shenzhen Composite Index up 0.87 per cent at 9214.27 and the gem up 1.72 per cent at 1523.81. A total of 621.8 billion yuan was traded in the two cities, and the industry sector showed a general upward trend.

Plates and individual stocks

In the morning, it was reported that the main contract of COMEX gold futures price rose above the US $1400 mark, and the A-share gold plate followed the rally. Jinzhou Cihang rose by the limit, Hengbang shares, Hunan gold once rose by the limit, Shandong gold, Yintai resources, CICC gold and other gold once rose 6%. Gold prices skyrocketed "see for details

On July 1, the Shanghai Municipal solid waste Management regulations, which are known as the "strictest garbage classification regulations in history", will officially come into effect, which means that Shanghai will officially enter the era of "laws to abide by". Affected by the policy, the concept of garbage classification is still hot, Tianjin film technology, Willy, Shanghai environment, Longma sanitation limit.

Major capital inflows into the top 10

Top 10 outflows of main funds

Plate capital flow

The main net inflow into the industry sector top five: computer applications, national defense military industry, optical and optoelectronic, securities, beverage manufacturing

Main net inflow concept plate top five: domestic software, Internet health care, intelligent health care, Internet finance, big data

The main net inflow into the top 10 stocks: Guizhou Maotai, Citic Securities, Beijing Oriental A, Zijin Mining, Oriental Wealth, Huatai Securities, Tide Information, Yuyou Network, flush, Haitong Securities

Review of abnormal movement

Growth Enterprise Board Resources Company rose sharply, Tianlong Optoelectronics, Tianxiang Environment, Di Weixun, Yangpu Medical Service, Feilu shares, Senyuan shares collective one-word board

The garbage sorting plate is active again, Shanghai environment, Longma sanitation, prosperous environmental protection, green power, Willie all rise and fall limit, enlighten Sander, Whirlpool have to strengthen one after another.

The brokerage plate strengthened again, Hualin Securities rose by the limit, CITIC Construction Investment rose 7%, Huatai Securities, Oriental Wealth and Guoxin Securities rose one after another.

The gold plate rose unilaterally, Hengbang shares rose 7%, Hunan gold, gold and precious silver industry, Shandong gold, China Gold strengthened one after another.

The electric soul network recorded eight consecutive boards, with a turnover of more than 500 million.

Game plate continues to be active, electric soul network, Shengtian network, Great Wall animation collective limit, 35 connected, glacier network, Wentou holding collective pull up

The driverless plate changed, the leading Asia-Pacific shares were sealed in a straight line, Wan'an Technology, Lu Chang Science and Technology, and Jingu shares rose slightly.

5G Wanda concept stocks broke out, water affairs in Longyi Middle School rose by the limit, Longerhuang Group rose more than 7%, broad technology strengthened

The nuclear power plate has strengthened again, Lanshi has been reinstalled with a straight line seal, Wall Nuclear Materials, China Nuclear Science and Technology, Taiwan Strait Nuclear Power, and China Nuclear Construction have strengthened one after another.

Trust concept continued to rise, Anxin Trust strong sealing board, Shaanxi CIC A rose 6%, Jiangsu Guoxin, Jingwei Textile Machinery, Aijian Group rose slightly.

White wine stocks rose rapidly at the end of the day, highland barley wine straight line seal board, alcoholic wine rose 7%, old white dry wine, willing to wine industry have strengthened one after another. The plate changed, Zhongfutong straight line sealing board, Ovi communication, special message, Yitong century, etc., have been pulled up one after another.

Message surface

[FTSE Russell's first inclusion in A will take effect after the close of the day]

At 3: 00 this afternoon, the launch ceremony of A shares into the FTSE Russell Global Index will be held on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. After the close of the same day, FTSE Russell will be included in A for the first time, and all the passive funds will be in place.

[international gold futures prices rise above the US $1400 mark to a six-year high]

COMEX gold futures prices of the main contract rose above the $1400 mark, a nearly six-year high.

Help the stock market to a great advantage! Just now, the CSRC openly solicited opinions on the revision of the measures for the Administration of Major assets reorganization of listed companies (referred to as the "reorganization measures"). It is intended to support the reorganization and listing of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries in line with the national strategy, and to resume supporting financing for reorganization and listing. Multi-channel support for listed companies to put assets to improve cash flow and play a synergistic effect. (brokerage China)

Institutional point of view

Looking to the future, Guotai Junan said that the current A shares have entered an excellent strategic allocation period, on the one hand, risk appetite will be restored, on the other hand, the bottom of earnings is being gradually confirmed, it is expected that the confirmation of the bottom of profits of listed companies will be gradually completed in the third quarter.

Dongguan Securities said that economic growth continues to slow down, stable growth expectations rise, policy support is expected to increase; active fiscal policy continuation, infrastructure, tax cuts, consumer stimulus and other policies are important directions. Under the rising expectations of global interest rate cuts, domestic monetary policy is likely to continue to cut rates in the second half of the year. Listed companies repurchase, Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong Stock Connect, domestic A-share internationalization continues to bring incremental capital. At present, the overall valuation level of the market is still at a low level, there is room for repair. It is expected that the market out of the shock rebound trend, the medium term will gradually stabilize.

Everbright Securities pointed out that the Federal Reserve, as expected by the market, has released a signal to cut interest rates, the RMB exchange rate has been in violation of the bullet for a long time, the foreign capital side has continued to substantially net inflows, and at a time when the internal and external environment continues to improve, superimposed regulators attach importance to and take corresponding measures to ease liquidity tensions and credit risks, which will help boost investor sentiment, increase market risk appetite, and maintain a positive pattern in the medium and short term of A shares and actively pay attention to rebound opportunities.

Chuancai Securities stressed the allocation value of high-quality growth stocks. The agency stressed that 5G licensing and loose global liquidity expectations are expected to continue to increase the market's risk appetite for emerging growth industries in the short term. this makes high-quality stocks in fine molecular industries such as 5G, chips, domestic software, industrial Internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence worthy of short-and medium-term attention.

Soochow Securities said that technology stocks will be the main line throughout, focusing on 5G, software, semiconductors, etc., while in traditional industries, active attention will be paid to brokers and cars. Among them, the logic of securities firms lies in the superposition of equity assets, creative board and other new business. Car logic lies in, first, the car as an optional consumption, belong to the early economic cycle, policy support, 2019 is expected to usher in sales to pick up; second, with the help of historical review, as car sales stop falling into a new cycle, the automobile industry tends to achieve positive returns, that is, the automobile industry index is positively related to car sales; third, from the catalyst point of view, the automobile consumption policy is good.

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