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[6.18 Lithium News] Lithium salt in Yibin M6.0 earthquake is normal * the NDRC supports new energy vehicles.
Jun 18,2019 09:37CST
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[notice on the investigation of Safety risks of New Energy vehicles "issued by the Ministry of Information Technology] recently, the spontaneous combustion accidents of new energy vehicles have occurred frequently, which has been widely concerned by the industry and public opinion. In order to effectively strengthen the safety management of new energy vehicles, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, and ensure social public safety and the safety of people's lives and property, the equipment Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Circular on the investigation of Safety Hidden dangers of New Energy vehicles on 17 June, urging the production enterprises of new energy vehicles to carry out safety hidden dangers investigation work on the new energy vehicles produced by the Company.

According to the communication and understanding between SMM and Sichuan lithium salt manufacturers, so far, the production work of various lithium salt manufacturers, including Tianqi Lithium Industry, Yahua Group, Sichuan Nengsheng, Zhiyuan Lithium Industry, and so on, has not been affected. At the same time, SMM will further follow up and report in a timely manner.


[NDRC supports new energy vehicles: speed up the shift from restricted purchases to guided use] Today, Meng Wei, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that the National Development and Reform Commission has made it clear that new car purchase restrictions are strictly prohibited. Local governments that have imposed restrictions on vehicle purchases should speed up the shift from restricted purchases to guided use according to the effectiveness of urban traffic congestion, pollution control and traffic demand control.

[Guangzhou City officially issues the first batch of self-driving road test licenses] Guangzhou's self-driving road test will be officially launched soon. Recently, AutoX, Guangqi Group, Wenyuan Zhixing, Xiao Ma Zhixing, Shenlan and other enterprises received road test notices issued by Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Informatization, and Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, becoming the first batch of enterprises to obtain the qualification of Guangzhou Intelligent Network Automobile Road Test. After going north to Shenzhen, Guangzhou has become the fourth super-first-tier city in China to obtain a self-driving road test license.

[accelerate Intelligent Transformation of Jiangling Group and Huawei Cooperation] on June 14, Jiangling Group and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the face of the electric and intelligent transformation of the automobile industry, domestic and foreign automobile enterprises are stepping up the layout of electric technology and intelligent network technology. Jiangling Group has already made some arrangements in the field of new energy vehicles, but has done less in terms of intelligent networking, and the cooperation with Huawei may be an important step in its transition to intelligence. At present, the two sides have not disclosed in what areas will carry out specific cooperation.

[Dongfeng Yueda Kia Plant will stop production and transform to produce New Energy vehicles] recently, industry personages from Korean car enterprises said that Dongfeng Yueda Kia's factory in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province will stop producing whole vehicles at the end of this month. After transformation and upgrading, it will be transferred to Chinese Express, a new car-making force, to produce new energy vehicles in the form of "long-term lease."

[battery demand is considerable PSA plans to assemble batteries] according to foreign media reports, Peugeot Brand Industrial Director Yann Vincent said at its factory in Tremery in eastern France on June 14 that Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) plans to assemble its own batteries as sales of electric vehicles rise. Currently, PSA purchases batteries from LG and Ningde Times (CATL).

The first car produced by Tesla Shanghai Factory in half a year is 50, 000 cheaper than the imported version. Tesla Shanghai factory Gigafactory 3 is being put into construction at an astonishing speed. At present, the construction of the factory building of Tesla's Shanghai factory is almost completed and production equipment is already being installed, according to automotive industry media reports on June 17. The first car made in China is nearly 50,000 cheaper than the imported version.

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