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[SMM data] lead consumption diverts recycled lead, social inventory of lead ingots increases
Jun 14,2019 19:00CST
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SMM6 14 news: this week lead ingots in Shanghai and Guangdong social stocks fell slightly from last Friday to 8600 tons, while the overall social inventory increased by nearly 1,000 tons to 35200 tons. According to SMM, due to the poor terminal consumption in the lead battery market, the inventory of finished products in storage enterprises is on the high side, and the production is further reduced. The lead ingots of some storage enterprises can meet the current production, and their purchasing enthusiasm is poor. This week, with the increase in the supply of recycled lead (including the restoration of environmental protection and the new production line in June), the reclaimed refined lead sticker has obviously expanded. As of Friday, the average price of regenerated refined lead to SMM1# electrolytic lead was 150 to 100 yuan / ton, and once within a week it was as low as 200 yuan / ton, resulting in a diversion of limited lead demand to recycled lead, as well as a slight accumulation of primary lead in the refinery during the Dragon Boat Festival period. Therefore, under the condition of continuous maintenance of primary lead smelting enterprises, There is still an increase in the social inventory of lead ingots.

Next week, lead consumption is not expected to improve, the supply of recycled lead is normal, while the maintenance of primary lead refineries is still increasing, and social inventory is expected to be basically stable.

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