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[6.13 Lithium News] LG Chemical Geely sets up a battery joint venture *
Jun 14,2019 10:23CST
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[national Regulatory platform publishes mileage data of National New Energy vehicles: the platform has a cumulative access to 2.268 million vehicles and running mileage of 24.01 billion km] on June 11, 2019, the National Monitoring and Management Center of New Energy vehicles issued the national mileage data of new energy vehicles. Statistics show that from January 2017 to May 2019, a total of 2267647 new energy vehicles were connected to the national regulatory platform for new energy vehicles. From January 2017 to May 2019, the cumulative mileage of new energy vehicles was 24.01 billion km, with a cumulative carbon reduction of 11.553 million tons. Among them, the mileage of pure electric vehicles is 20 billion km, accounting for 83 per cent of the mileage of pure electric vehicles.

[Zhangjiakou City issues hydrogen Energy Development Plan: cumulative output value Target of 170 billion yuan in 2035] on June 12, Zhangjiakou Municipal people's Government issued a hydrogen energy Zhangjiakou construction plan. According to the hydrogen Energy Zhangjiakou Construction Plan (2019-2035), the overall goal of the plan is to develop the hydrogen energy industry into an important pillar of Zhangjiakou City, to become a first-class hydrogen energy city in China by 2021, and to build an internationally renowned hydrogen energy capital by 2035. In 2021, 2025, 2030 and 2035, the cumulative output value of hydrogen energy and related industries reached 6 billion yuan, 26 billion yuan, 85 billion yuan and 170 billion yuan, respectively.

[Guoxuan High Technology: sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Geely Commercial vehicles] Guoxuan High Technology (002074) announced that Hefei Guoxuan, a wholly owned subsidiary, and Geely Commercial vehicles recently signed a "Cooperation Framework Agreement." it is intended to actively promote the performance upgrading, quality improvement and industrial application of power battery systems for new energy vehicles. The goal of cooperation is that the supply share of Hefei Guoxuan is more than 50% of the total purchase of Geely commercial vehicles. Guoxuan High Technology said that the cooperation is conducive to the further expansion of the company's power lithium battery market share, has a certain positive impact on this year's business results.

[working with Volkswagen to spend $1 billion on batteries, BMW aims to "rewrite the rules". BMW Group has joined forces with European car companies to build a new territory for electric vehicles. Following BMW teaming up with Jaguar Land Rover to develop the next generation of electric drive technology, BMW Group has teamed up with Volkswagen to inject capital into Swedish battery maker Northvolt, according to foreign media reports. It is reported that the financing plan amounts to US $1 billion.

[LG Chemical Geely set up battery joint venture 21 years ago to reach 10GWh/ annual capacity] on June 13, LG Chemical (LG Chem), a South Korean lithium battery manufacturer, announced that it would form a joint venture with Geely Automotive Group to produce electric vehicle batteries. The two sides will each contribute 103.4 billion won to set up battery plants, which are expected to reach annual 10GWh capacity by the end of 2021. The plant is scheduled to break ground at the end of the year and produce batteries that will be supplied to Geely and its subsidiaries' electric cars.

[the researchers found that the new cathode material is expected to make magnesium batteries replace lithium-ion batteries.] Professor Idemoto of Tokyo University of Science, (Tokyo University of Science), led a team of researchers who successfully reversed the chemical reaction of ions by synthesizing a new electrode material (metal compound), solved the problem of waste of energy, and laid an important foundation for the production of the next generation of rechargeable magnesium batteries. The researchers are optimistic about the findings. "We have synthesized a rock salt that has great potential as a cathode material for the next generation of secondary batteries," the researchers said.

[Proterra push package fleet management solution allows for a streamlined transition from a fleet to an electric fleet] roterra said it had launched the Proterra energy fleet solution to provide the team with a "complete energy ecosystem". Proterra is a company that produces heavy electric vehicles. Proterra, which designs, produces, deploys and maintains electric buses, batteries, chargers and charging infrastructure, says its integrated solution allows for a streamlined transition to an electric fleet through a single point of contact.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Road Motor vehicle production Enterprise and Product announcement" (320 batches). Shandong Guojin Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd of Zibo High-tech Zone has become the first new energy passenger vehicle enterprise in Shandong Province to obtain the independent qualification of the National notice of Road Motor vehicles and production Enterprises. To realize the "zero breakthrough" of Shandong local new energy passenger car enterprises. At the same time, it also means that Guojin has obtained the "double qualifications" of the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition, Yuan Zhongtai sales company general manager Gao Jiangtao joined Guojin, served as vice president, and sales company general manager, in charge of product planning, sales, new retail business.

Evergrande and SK Group will cooperate in the field of power batteries. On June 12, local time, Evergrande Group Chairman Xu Jiayin and his entourage were invited to inspect the South Korean SK Group. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in new energy vehicles, power batteries and other fields.

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