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[6.13 Lithium Express]
Jun 13,2019 10:05CST
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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the recommended catalogue of the fifth batch of new energy vehicles, and 3453 models such as ideal ONE/ Euler R2 were selected. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the recommended Model catalogue for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles (the fifth batch in 2019) on June 12, which includes a total of 3453 models, of which 2132 models meet the technical requirements of 2019 products, accounting for about 62 per cent of the total.

[Hello Bicycle works with Ningde era Ant Financial Services Group to launch Motorcycle Exchange Service] on June 12, Hello Chuxing, Ant Financial Services Group and Ningde Times announced a joint venture of 1 billion yuan to launch a "Hello Exchange Service" to locate the basic energy network of two-wheeled electric vehicles. Hello Travel co-founder and CEO Yang Lei is also a joint venture company CEO. The three parties will integrate the advantages and capabilities of offline operation, online platform and industry depth, create a two-round basic energy network, and provide green, intelligent and safe power exchange services for the majority of two-wheel electric vehicle users. The emergence of the Ningde era has given Harrow more confidence. "View detail

Tesla Battery Research team applied for a new patent to help prevent battery failure. According to foreign media reports, the battery research team of electric car maker Tesla in Canada has filed a new patent application. This is a method of analyzing electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries, which will help prevent battery failure. "View detail

[battery Alliance: 5.7G Whl Power Battery load in May, Ningde Times / BYD / Hefei Guoxuan ranked top three] on June 12, China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance released new energy vehicle battery production and loading data for May 2019. In terms of output, in May 2019, the output of power batteries in China totaled 9.9 GWH, an increase of 35.6% over the previous month. Among them, the output of ternary battery increased by 49.5% compared with the previous month, accounting for 65% of the total output, while the output of lithium iron phosphate battery increased by 23.4% and decreased by 16.9%. The output of lithium manganate battery increased significantly in May, totaling 1.1 GWhs, up 455.8% from the previous month.

[passenger Federation: new Energy passenger cars increased slightly in May from a year earlier. 1.7 million units are forecast to remain unchanged in 2019.] on June 11, the Federation released national passenger car production and marketing data for May 2019. Growth in new energy passenger cars slowed, up 5.4% from a year earlier. In May, retail sales of narrow passenger cars nationwide totaled 1.582 million units, down 12.5 percent from a year earlier, roughly the same as the year-on-year decline of-11.9 percent from January to April this year, and narrowed from the previous month.

[sales of new energy passenger cars fell by 8 to 9 meters in May to become the main sales models] recently, Yutong passenger cars and Zhongtong passenger cars have released production and sales data for May 2019 one after another, KuaiBao. In May this year, China sold 4304 new energy passenger cars, which, in addition to being much higher than the off-season of the Spring Festival in February, hit a new low compared with other months from January to May this year. As a result, the cumulative sales growth in the first five months of this year began to change from positive to negative.

[pure trams reach 15 million in 2030! The industry says competition for new energy vehicles has been reshaped. "by 2030, pure electric vehicles in China are expected to produce and sell more than 15 million units, accounting for 90 per cent of total new energy sales, while plug-in hybrid vehicles will account for only 10 per cent of (PHEV). That is, in the next decade of development, pure electric vehicles will occupy a dominant position in the market. "

[charging Alliance: as of May, the number of charging piles nationwide reached 976000, an increase of 71 per cent over the same period last year.] on June 12, the China Electric charging Infrastructure Promotion Union (hereinafter referred to as the charging Alliance) released data on the operation of charging piles in May 2019. According to the data, as of May 2019, a total of 401000 public charging piles had been reported by the members of the charging Alliance, and about 857000 vehicles were sampled through the whole vehicle enterprises of the members of the Alliance, of which 575000 were equipped with charging facilities. Taken together, as of May 2019, the total number of public and private charging piles nationwide was 976000, an increase of 71 per cent over the same period last year.

[Xiaopeng car holds hands with Huami Technology to explore the field of intelligent travel] on June 11, Xiaopeng Automobile and Huami Technology formally reached a cooperation to explore the multi-scene interconnection between smart cars and smart wearable devices, and based on the built-in NFC function of Huami Technology bracelet and watch to realize door unlocking, locking and vehicle startup.

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