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Hello Bicycle teamed up with Ningde era Ant Financial Services Group to launch Motorcycle Exchange Service
Jun 12,2019 17:29CST
On June 12, Hello Chuxing, Ant Financial Services Group and Ningde Times announced a joint venture of 1 billion yuan to launch a "Hello Power Exchange Service" to locate the basic energy network of two-wheeled electric vehicles. CEO Yang Lei, co-founder of Hello Travel, is also the joint venture company CEO.
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SMM6, 12 June: Hello Travel, Ant Financial Services Group and Ningde Times announced a joint venture of 1 billion yuan to launch a "Hello Power Exchange Service" to locate the basic energy network of two-wheeled electric vehicles. CEO Yang Lei, co-founder of Hello Travel, is also a joint venture company CEO.

The three parties will integrate the advantages and capabilities of offline operation, online platform and industry depth, create a two-round basic energy network, and provide green, intelligent and safe power exchange services for the majority of two-wheel electric vehicle users. The emergence of the Ningde era has given Harrow more confidence. The core technology of Ningde era is the field of power and energy storage batteries, which involves the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of the whole industrial chain, such as materials, cells, battery systems, battery recycling and so on. In the Hello Travel Booster, Electric vehicle two businesses, Ningde Times has participated in some of the accessories cooperation.

Yang Lei said that China's daily demand for two-way travel is as high as 1 billion times, and Hello travel will continue to cultivate two rounds, from providing one-stop two-round travel services to working with outstanding partners to build two rounds of infrastructure services and build a two-round ecosystem in an all-round way.

The travel demand and problem solving of two-wheel electric vehicle is an urgent task.

China is a big country with two rounds of travel, and data show that the average daily demand for bicycles in China is more than 200 million times. Through the sharing of bicycle business, Hello Travel can effectively alleviate the problem of short-distance travel, and the daily order volume of Hello bike is more than 20 million, which is in the leading position in the market.

At the same time, the average daily riding demand of two-wheeled electric vehicles in China is more than 700 million times, and the user group covers all industries and industries between the ages of 16 and 60, and the demand and volume is more than three times that of the bicycle market. According to the China Bicycle Association, in 2017, the social ownership of two-wheel electric vehicles in China has exceeded 250 million; in 2018, the annual output of two-wheel electric vehicles exceeded 30 million, which can be called "national travel tool."

The dual stimulus of stock and increment has spawned a huge market: by the end of 2016, social ownership of electric bicycles in China had reached 250 million, according to SMM data. SMM estimates that with the new production of about 30 million electric bicycles a year, China's social ownership of electric bicycles is expected to exceed 320 million by 2020, with a compound growth rate of 11.27 per cent between 2010 and 2020. At the same time, the permeability of lithium-ion models only reached 12% in 2018, and under the influence of the new national standard, lithium-ion penetration is expected to increase to 20% in 2020, which can be greatly improved. Under the support of the existing battery industry, together with the services such as power exchange business, electric vehicle rental and sale, maintenance and repair, it is enough to derive a broader two-wheel electric travel market.

However, under the huge market demand and scale, the random pulling of flying lines and random parking caused by charging have brought many challenges to urban management, and the fire hidden danger of two-wheel electric vehicles has become a social problem of great concern. With the implementation of the new national standard of electric vehicle, it is imperative to solve the pain points such as "charging difficulty", "mileage anxiety", "battery theft" and the industrial upgrading of two-wheel electric vehicle industry. After Ant Financial Services Group participated in the cooperation, the three sides cooperated, and the problem can be solved.

Join hands with Ant Financial Services Group to build two rounds of basic Energy Network

In view of the upgrading demand of two-wheel electric vehicles, the relevant national departments are also speeding up the research on battery standardization and promoting the application and promotion of power battery charging technology. As a leader in the field of two rounds of domestic travel, Hello Travel has put into practice the power exchange service in the existing business. At present, Hello Travel can provide nearly 500000 power changes per day for more than 2 million Harrow booster and electric vehicle service users. Yang Lei said: "the key to effectively solve the pain point of two-wheel electric vehicles lies in energy." For Pratt & Whitney short-distance travel users, hello travel decided to open up the existing power exchange capacity, combined with their own built permeable offline city network and efficient operation capacity, combined with outstanding partners to build two rounds of basic energy network, so that the two rounds of basic energy network become the same infrastructure services as hydropower and coal, bringing about a good life of two rounds of travel. "

Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, said of the significance of Ningde Times joining: "Ningde Times will rely on the world's leading lithium power technology to provide first-class electrification solutions for two rounds of basic energy networks to create new modes of intelligent travel."

Ant Financial Services Group Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong said: "Ant Financial Services Group has always been the promoter of green travel. We hope that the technical capabilities and ecological resources of Alibaba's business operating system can facilitate two rounds of travel and bring users a more convenient, safe and intelligent cycling experience."

It is understood that Alipay has reached 1 billion active users worldwide. After the Hello power exchange service launched by the tripartite joint venture is officially launched, Alipay will be used as one of the entrances for users to provide users with an efficient and convenient use path.

Two rounds of travel ecosystem to enhance social benefits

"defining the Hello Power Exchange Service as a long-term, social basic energy source, like a gas station, is not only to serve yourself, but also to create new value for society," Yang said. "

After the deep ploughing of shared bicycles, Hello Travel has formed a set of industry-leading intelligent operation system for mass interconnection and shared travel equipment. This set of system capability will also be used in the power exchange service to realize the full link intelligence from the switching cabinet, the vehicle, the battery to the client, and through the technology, to provide the judgment and decision basis for the optimal allocation of riding resources, and to realize the accurate allocation of resources between different regions.

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