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Today's news: global "interest rate cut" is expected to start * Chinese copper demand will pick up
Jun 11,2019 09:15CST
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Macro information

The slowdown in the economy is expected to lead to a shift in global monetary policy towards loose "interest rate cuts".

Fed survey shows consumer inflation expectations falling to two-year lows

The prime minister is in the midst of a succession race and has been hit by the GDP. Where is Brexit going?

Central bank launches 30 billion yuan reverse buyback on Monday experts expect monetary policy interest rate instruments to be more flexible

Metal news

China's basic Metal production data released in May [SMM exclusive]

[SMM analysis] concentrate shortage tin producers delay delivery concerns can boost tin prices?

[SMM analysis] Iron ore port inventory for ten weeks in a row, what will be the future iron ore market?

[SMM analysis] TFR transport line maintenance logistics outage for one week chromium mine transportation involves less inventory and high impact

The Bank of Chile cut its forecast for copper prices to $2.80 a pound in 2019-2021

BMO Capital Markets: demand for copper in China will pick up

INTL FCStone: supply tightening helps copper prices find bottom support

Southern Copper shares fell 12% in May copper production rose 11.6% in the first quarter from a year earlier

Yongzhou Jiang Hua rare Earth Mine Project started by Jiang Hua Co., Ltd.

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