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Mexico succumbs to Trump's complete victory
Jun 10,2019 14:14CST
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SMM6, 10th: Trump's tariff war has been successful again!

On June 8, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the United States and Mexico had reached an agreement that tariffs originally planned for Monday would be suspended indefinitely.



After the deal was reached between the United States and Mexico, Trump enthusiastically tweeted Mexico and the significance of the deal, in a separate tweet, Trump said. Mexico has agreed to buy large quantities of agricultural products from our farmers immediately.

In addition, Trump also mentioned that there are few troops patrolling the southern border of Mexico, after which 6000 troops will be deployed to the southern border. Moreover, under the interim agreement signed between the United States and Mexico, Mexico has agreed to provide shelter, education and work for an endless number of refugees, a practice that many experts have warned could lead to social unrest in northern Mexico. These are major concessions made by Mexico under Trump's tariff stick.

Mexico's absolute economic dependence on the United States determines that Mexico will certainly take the light of the two evils of trade and immigration. For Mexico, the tariff war will be a fatal blow to Mexico's already depressed economic development. So Mexico is bound to try to sign a deal with the United States, even at a heavy price. But Mexico has clearly underestimated Trump's ambitions, and the State Department has reportedly made it clear that the United States could restart the tariff war if the measures do not work as expected.

Mexico, which is now struggling to ride a tiger, is likely to face a bigger challenge, not only from the influx of refugees, but also from questions raised by the anti-American camp in Mexico about President Lopez. According to Mexico's performance this time, Mexico is likely to be played with by Trump.


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