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Shanghai Jianglang-professional manufacturer of diaphragm pump
Jun 10,2019 12:04CST
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Company profile:

Headquartered in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, Jianglang currently employs more than 120 people. In Shanghai Pudong, Chengdu, Jiangsu Binhai, with branches, with 2 production bases. The company cooperates with Shanghai College, has the independent research and development design platform, the precision processing ability. In recent years, Shanghai Jianglang has been continuously appraised as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

At present, the main production of electric control valve, pneumatic diaphragm pump, electric diaphragm pump and diaphragm pump complete sets of equipment, control valve, PSA pneumatic program control valve, hydraulic program control valve, pneumatic film control valve and other products. The products are mainly used in new energy, lithium battery, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, coating industry, mining industry, electronics industry, water treatment industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, metallurgy, casting and dyeing industry. In addition, pneumatic diaphragm pump products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Ireland, Russia, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, the Middle East and more than 30 countries and regions.

Jianglang currently has more than 37 patents, including five invention patents, to participate in the formulation of petrochemical pneumatic diaphragm pump engineering specifications, national standard number: SH/T 3191 2017. The products have passed the Chinese TS.A special equipment production administrative license and the European Union ATEX certification and so on.

Office hall

Office environment

Workshop environment

Product production area

RV pneumatic diaphragm pump

The pneumatic diaphragm pump produced by RV brand is a new type of conveying equipment, which is the most novel pump in China at present. Using compressed air as the power source, for a variety of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquids, can be pumped up. The diaphragm pump produced by RV brand has a total of eight specifications. The import and export dimensions are 1 to 4 ", 3 to 8", 1 to 2 ", 3 to 4", 1 ", 1.5", 2 ", 3", respectively. Fluid parts are: aluminum alloy, nodular cast iron, polyallene, stainless steel, diaphragm according to different diaphragm materials are: nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, polyethylene, three rubber, polyether rubber, fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, Polyvinylidene fluoride. To meet the needs of different liquid media.

Advantages of RV Pneumatic diaphragm pump over other brands of diaphragm pump

A. Convenient maintenance

Reducing internal volume can reduce waste and facilitate cleaning

Stainless steel bolts are corrosion resistant and provide reasonable positioning for reassembly

B. Unique patented air valve

Three-way control device can achieve non-blocking operation

All components can be easily maintained externally

No need for air line lubrication

C. Protected discharge port

All vents are provided with a common end to prevent vaporization liquid in the air chamber from eroding the air motor seals for easy loading or unloading operation.

D, solid external structure

Corrosion-resistant structures prevent leakage and ensure the replacement of clean fluids

Aluminum center parts with epoxy coating

Plastic center parts are resistant to strong corrosive gases

E, compatibility of fluids

Shell materials include aluminum, stainless steel, nodular cast iron, polyallene, conductive ethyl acetal, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

F. Reasonable seal design

The diaphragm can be tightly locked

G, heavy diaphragm board

Holding reliable diaphragm plates can eliminate leakage and shedding and avoid expensive downtime.

H, easy to locate

Bolted, self-positioning air and fluid units

I. Selection of valve ball and ball seat parts

All kinds of ball seats and valve ball options ensure liquid compatibility and reliable sealing, resulting in extremely high efficiency, long-term service life and reasonable suction height.

Jianglang has always adhered to flexible and diverse marketing strategies, actively carry out customer-centered marketing, as well as regional sales work. The company has mature production technology, rigorous work style and perfect quality management system to ensure efficient and standardized operation from raw material procurement, product manufacturing to sales. To provide customers at home and abroad with the same kind of international products comparable to the quality and all-round service.

Diaphragm pump user site

Contact information:

Official WeChat account: Shanghai Jianglang Technology Co., Ltd.

Add: 350 Nanyang gang east road, Shanyang town, Jinshan district, shanghai

Zip code: 201508

Tel: (86) 021 57570111

Fax: (86) 021 5186 2511

Web site: http://www.river-wave.net

E-mail: sales@river-wave.net

Stock code: 300236

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